Sandalwood Mala Necklace, Fish Sandalwood Mala Necklace, Fish Sandalwood Mala Necklace, Fish

Yassi Mazandi

Sandalwood Mala Necklace, Fish

$2,230.00 USD

Yassi Mazandi

Fragrant sandalwood beads strung with silk thread knotted between each bead. Designed with three charms crafted from sterling silver, diamonds, rubies, and topaz: a small sphere, a leaf with cutouts, and a fish with ruby eyes. These beads are functional for meditation practice, including the traditional and meaningful 108 beads. Numerology, astrology, and various spiritual practices present their own meaning for the use of the number 108. Wear as a necklace, as a bracelet wrapped around your wrist, hang in a special place, or simply keep in your purse or pocket. Each Mala Necklace is hand made and one of a kind. 

Worn with RE/DONE Ribbed Tank + Haider Ackermann Jogging Pants

Necklace drop measures approximately 17.5"

100% Sandalwood, Sterling Silver, Diamond, Ruby, and Topaz

Handmade in California 

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