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One left! Size 36, Geta, Black *COLLECTOR'S ITEM*

Regular price $1,375.00 USD $275.00 USD

Visvim ///

A collector's item and a work of art. Dark stained and lacquered traditional Japanese footwear. Features a cloth strap with a traditional Japanese motif on the cotton covering, and fine black velvet lining over any part that is in direct contact with the foot. The wooden block base, also called the "dai" is in an more rounded, oval shape, traditionally interpreted as more feminine. The dai and the teeth are carved from a single piece of wood. Notice the continuous grain visible throughout the carefully stained out sole. The in sole is lacquer painted in shiny black for a clean, perfectly smooth, resilient finish, and has the "Visvim" insignia hand-carved beneath the heel. These Geta have a small natural leather covering under the toe tip, secured with silver tone nails for durability. The base of the shoe shows the traditional knotting, affixing the "Hanao" or strap to the base of the shoe. The toe divider is affixed with a special gold tone metal piece, covering and protecting the knot beneath. The rear teeth of the shoes are reinforced with small wooden pegs. These are the Geta you wear with your 20K Kimono or leave on your coffee table for visitors to ogle. 

100% Wood

Made in Japan

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One left! Size 36, Geta, Black *COLLECTOR'S ITEM*