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Persian Lilihan Rug, Pink + Olive

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The Rug Affair ///

Lilihan rugs cover a wide range of sizes all fashioned in the single-wafted weave style. The pink color of the weft distinguishes the Lilihan carpets from all others. Khaki and brown also accentuate the primarily salmon field color. Sourced for Mona Moore by the Rug Affair. 

  • Small rectangular rug excellent for prayer or meditation
  • One single heavy cotton weft and thick, first quality wool
  • Floral motifs encased in ever larger geometrics
  • Half inch cream tone fringe at parallel edges
  • Originally sourced from Iran (historically Persia)
  • Circa 1920
  • Measures approximately 4'10" L x 3'5" W

    *Please note: this is a rare vintage piece that is nearly 100 years old. Vintage rug in excellent condition with some signs of its age and stunning patina. CALLEMAIL, or CHAT us for additional photos and information.

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    Persian Lilihan Rug, Pink + Olive