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Art Deco Chinese Nichols Rug, Red Floral

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The Rug Affair ///

In 1924 W.A.B Nichols of Tientsin North China introduced the Super Chinese Rug which became world famous. It is known for its durability, beauty, and stunning ability to catch light. A special finishing wash traditional with Nichols rugs makes this piece easy to clean, soft and pliable with a silky sheen. Great antiquity and design couple with peculiarity and unique characteristics that have been retained for centuries, making each Nichols carpet a surviving evidence of an historical past. Sourced for Mona Moore by the Rug Affair. 

  • Large rectangular rug in deep crimson red with directional fibers
  • Fringe sewn under on parallel edges
  • Unique designs at corners
  • Rambling leaves, flowers and vine design on one corner
  • Diagonal complimentary vase of flowers design on the second
  • Small Oriental lattice design with ribbons and a single flower on the third corner
  • Diagonal complimentary single bloom with vine and leaves design on fourth corner
  • Circa 1940
  • Measures approximately 9'7" L x 8' W
  • Wool (80%), cotton warp, cotton weft, dye

*Please note: this is a rare vintage piece that is roughly 80 years old. It is in excellent condition but may have some mild signs of use. Fringe has been sewn under but can be reclaimed in the aesthetic.  CALLEMAIL, or CHAT us for additional photos and information.

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Art Deco Chinese Nichols Rug, Red Floral