5AC, Mauve 5AC, Mauve 5AC, Mauve 5AC, Mauve 5AC, Mauve 5AC, Mauve

Maison Margiela


5AC, Mauve

$ 2,695.00 $ 1,078.00

Maison Margiela S/S 2016 

The idea with the 5AC was to take a simple lining and enable it to take center stage. It can molt in shape from very contained to extended out, resembling a tote. This is the smaller size, which features two top handles, a cross body strap and an inner canvas compartment that is meant to be tucked away or extended out. Long cross body strap has varying lengths and is completely removable. Also features bottom rivets and a playful lock and key.

Measures approximately 13" L X 11" H X 6" D

Maximum strap drop measures approximately 21"

100% Leather, 100% Canvas lining

Made in Italy

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