Dazzling Bronzer Compact Refill Dazzling Bronzer Compact Refill

Kjaer Weis

Dazzling Bronzer Compact Refill

$ 32.00

Kjaer Weis

The Dazzling Bronzer can be used as a bronzer for lighter skin tones, a highlighter for darker skin tones, and a contour cream for light to medium skin tones. Apply with fingers, a foundation brush, or a cosmetic sponge. This smooth, silky bronzer can also be used as a cream eyeshadow. Ideal for anti-aging, this product includes jojoba oil, sweet almond seed oil, beeswax, and other natural components that promote skin elasticity, cell reconstruction, scar healing, protection and moisture. Accentuate your beauty with a sun-kissed golden glow.

Note: The compact for this item is the same size as that of the Cream Blush and Highlighter, allowing for interchangeable refills.

95% Certified Organic Ingredients

Produced in Italy

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