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50ml Perfumes, Assorted Scents

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Abel ///

  • Designed to evolve and blend with the wearer's natural chemistry and create a completely unique scent
  • Scents are ephemeral, and slowly fade after application, the natural way
  • 50ml bottle with spray nozzle
  • Unisex scents
  • 100% Natural Perfume

Scent Options:

  • Cobalt Amber: chic, sultry, with notes of pink pepper and juniper berry
  • Golden Neroli: bright, romantic floral 
  • Green Cedar: velvety, rich wood 
  • Grey Labdanum: edgy, dark chypre
  • Red Santal: warm, spicy wood 
  • White Vetiver: fresh, cool wood 

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50ml Perfumes, Assorted Scents