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In 2009, after refining her craft under Roberto Cavalli, Italian designer Vivetta Ponti established her self-titled fashion brand, Vivetta. Since then, the brand has grown in popularity, gaining recognition through fashion icons such as Alexa Chung and Elle Italia’s fashion editor Eva Fontanelli. Vivetta Ponti’s inspiration for the brand’s aesthetic stems from a personal love for antiques, poetry, dolls, 50s furniture, and 60s-70s tapestries. Designs exhibit clean contemporary silhouettes, incorporating vintage flair and whimsical detailing. Vivetta encourages fearlessness, presenting a certain femininity that is both carelessly playful and courageously self-assured.

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Geelong Patent Leather Shorts, Black
Regular price$1,265.00 USD$380.00 USD
Argo Sleeveless Long Dress, Navy
Regular price$1,015.00 USD$305.00 USD