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Martiniano shoes include the beloved leather Glove Shoe, made in Italy and Argentina. Prior to creating his own fashion brand, founder Martiniano Lopez Crozet worked as a performance artist, consistently incorporating fashion into his performance pieces. In 2011, Lopez Crozet shifted his focus to studying traditional shoemaking in Buenos Aires, Argentina, leading to the birth of the glove shoe, one of Martiniano's most popular designs today. Launched in 2012, the young yet flourishing brand offers the luxury of hand-crafted shoes crafted with high quality leathers. Lopez Crozet has recently begun to source materials and other components of production in Italy, further authenticating the company's utilization of the traditional Italian shoemaking techniques brought to Buenos Aires in the 19th and 20th centuries by Italian immigrants. Inspired by medieval footwear and 17th-18th century court shoes, Martiniano designs are both modern and timeless, emanating minimalism and understated sophistication. 

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