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Dianora Salviati

In 2000 Dianora Salviati showed her first collection, causing an immediate sensation in the luxury accessories market. She felt a commitment to creating scarves that would reflect her passion for craftsmanship, elegance, and refinement. When The New York Times referred to her scarves as “the ultimate hushed status symbol,” it became clear that Dianora Salviati had accomplished her goal and more.

The superiority of the raw materials and time-intensive production process set Dianora Salviati scarves apart. The scarves are hand-loomed in Italy in the finest natural materials: cashmere, wool, linen, cotton, hemp, silk, wool and many other mixed fibers. Known for their lightweight feel, the scarves come in deeply-saturated monochromatic tones and original patterns. Each collection’s vibrant designs are attributable to her expert eye for fabric and color. The designer’s trademark edgy glamour shows in the many abstract prints and innovative use of materials, which range from hand-embroidery to paint.

Dianora Salviati’s interest in textiles and traditional weaving began at a young age, after looking through her family archives and reading about her ancestor, Jacopo Salviati, who had founded the “Arte di Lana” (or “Art of Wool”) company in the XIV century. While traveling throughout India, the intensely rich textile hues she encountered provided the additional inspiration that would lead to the creation of her own line. The collections combine a respect for quality craftsmanship with a thorough understanding of color and prints.

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