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+1(310) 452-4070

Darlene de Sedle

Jewelry designer Darlene de Sedle spent a majority of her childhood in her parents' fine jewelry shop "de Sedle's" on Madison Avenue in New York City. Her Father was an archaeologist who dug for pre-Columbian gold in South America and Egypt and collected antiques from around the world. Intrigued by her Father's collections, Darlene went on to launch her own jewelry line, intending to create gold jewelry that would "feel like pre-Columbian gold." Inspired by the colors of nature, Darlene is particularly fond of using rainbow moonstones, aqua, tourmalines, citrines, cabochons, and opals. With the belief that positive energy radiates through those who wear precious and semi-precious gems from the depths of the Earth, Darlene brings us jewelry with more to offer than just beauty. Darlene de Sedle jewelry is crafted with 22 karat gold.

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