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It wasn't until a brief break from my partner that I realized how frequently I neglect myself.  Without the opportunity to immerse myself in their needs, their feelings, I was able to assess my own needs, my own feelings.  

At 23 years of age, I am just now learning to love myself… My body and its constant unseen efforts to maintain health. My ability to forgive, to listen. My empathetic nature. The creativity in my mind that dances like a wild flame.  

The most powerful aspect of myself, one which deserves the recognition it rarely receives, is a particular resilience that comes with the ability to feel freely. 

I used to think I was weak because I am sensitive. I felt ashamed for how easily I could crumble into a puddle of tears.  I know now that each time I cry, each time I feel pain, I am growing stronger.  In my vulnerable state, I shed the sorrow like snake’s skin and emerge.  

My emotional expression is my perseverance. My emotional expression is my strongest muscle. 

This is my independence. With this power, I can stand amidst the wildest of storms with my feet rooted in the Earth, unswayed by the wind, yet still feeling the rain hit my skin.

Here's to rising above fear, above self-doubt, and loving yourself for all that you've done to stay afloat in this wild Sea called life.  Stand high and proud upon the soaring mountains you've climbed. You are Mighty.