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Hi Mona Lovers!

Kali here, Lisa's younger daughter and new member of the Mona Moore team. This month’s playlist is in the name of summer love!

June 28th, 2016, marks two years since I went on my first date with my sweet Dane, my boyfriend, my “student lover”, the man of my dreams. We had known each other casually for a long time, and had kissed just once before, when a group of our friends trekked up to San Francisco for Pride celebrations, and left us behind, tied up with work and family.

After lots of flip flopping, I called Dane, urging him to drive up with me, for a single night, to “celebrate with our friends”. Little did I know, I was asking him out on our first date. Part of me must have known it then, but it took me a few months to fully realize that that whirlwind of a trip was the starting point of our love, and filled to the brim with the moments that made me fall for him.

We spent seven hours driving up the coast, fifteen hours in the city, and then seven hours driving back, all in the glow of our summer love <3

These songs were the soundtrack to that road trip and I will forever associate them with Dane and the love I have for him, no matter where we both end up. I love you, Mr. Majors.