This playlist is mostly about being an independent woman. But that isn't defined so easily.

I'm approaching my three year anniversary with my partner, and in the past couple months I've noticed a theme. I don't like going out without him. This is a great thing because it shows me how much i love him and his company, but it's not so good too, because it's a sign of some not-so-healthy co-dependence stuff in me. Eep. 

Sooooo, I've been working on getting myself out there without the boyf, expanding my friend connections, and finding a groove of my own. 

It's still not quite the same going out solo, sometimes there's even a twinge of guilt for enjoying myself too much without him, but ultimately, this will be a good thing, for me and for our love.

Here are some songs that reflect my frustration, my insecurity, and my need for a confidence boost. A touch of heartbreak, but mostly love.




PS It's Marilyn Monroe's birthday today! Happy Birthday from one M.M. to another M.M.


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