Pacific Coast Commute
My Daily Morning Drive


The first portion of my morning commute is a haze, as though I am still partially asleep somehow.  The first few songs on the August playlist cater to that early-morning mental fuzziness -- a gentle transition into the day’s beginning.  

As I continue my cruise along the coast, I appreciate the beautiful shores of the Pacific Ocean to my right.  The way the bright morning sun glistens like glitter on the beautiful blue makes me feel energized.  “Bad Boy” by The Jive Bombers brings me a feeling of romanticism similar to that which the glorious Ocean evokes.

Once the playlist gets to the Morrisey and T Rex songs, I have transitioned from the majestic Pacific Coast Highway to the traffic-stricken 10 Freeway.  These two tracks keep me feeling patient and care-free regardless of moving at 5 MPH. 

As traffic lets up, I am elated with freedom.  Finally able to catch up with the speed limit and feel wind on my face, Link Wray’s “Kiki” sends me soarin’!

The last song on the August playlist gets me real excited for the day. Right before I get to work, I am overcome with a fantastic sense of positivity after gettin’ down with the funk of James Brown’s “Get Up Offa That Thing.”

Whether you follow the coast, ride the curvy canyon, or simply creep along in freeway traffic, give yourself a reason to enjoy the trek: a set of groove-tastic tunes to get you through it!



Posted by Jasmine Soufer On August 19, 2016
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