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  • Mona Moore
Living in New York City, you hardly ever get the chance to really sing at the top of your lungs. When I worked late nights in the restaurant industry, every once in a while I'd get lucky waiting for the Q train at Canal Street and, as the only person at my end of the platform, would finally get the chance to belt it out as a train passed by. Sometimes you just have to take whatever chance you can get! 


Now that I'm back in LA, I just can't contain myself when one of my favorite songs comes on in the car. I've included some old standbys like Deee-Lite's Groove is In the Heart, and Mariah Carey's Fantasy. These days, though, I can't get enough of Frank Sinatra's haunting version of Mood Indigo

For there's nobody who cares about me
I'm just a poor fool that's bluer than blue can be
When I get that mood indigo
I could lay me down and die

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