I'm Grace, Lisa's daughter, and I'm going to be posting a new playlist to the blog every month. To me, Mona Moore, above all else, celebrates female beauty and strength and I wanted our first playlist to follow suit. So January is dedicated to my favorite lady singers. These women are cool, beautiful, and incredibly talented. 

Here's some of what you have to look forward to this month - Stereolab pairs psych-pop sounds and driving krautrock song forms with Laetitia Sadier's politically charged and dreamy lyrics. Holly Golightly (whose real name is actually Holly Golightly!) perfectly combines 1960's garage rock with a 1990's sensibility. And I just have to say that I can't stop picturing Carol Douglas, one of my favorite 1970's disco queens, performing in the Margiela Black Sequin Sock Boot! I hope that after listening to this playlist you fall as in love with these women as I have. 

Stream on Spotify below:


Posted by Mona Moore On January 01, 2016
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