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I often find myself feeling nostalgic for periods of time far before my own existence. My mind wanders with romanticism and sentimentality, as though I had lived in those "sweeter times." This tendency is partially due to my admiration for fashion preceding the 1960s, but the sounds from older times are what really get me.

Despite the changes in culture and technology over time, music has always been and continues to be a way to connect through the human experience-- romance, sorrow, celebration...

The Nostalgia Mixtape is chronological, beginning with Django Reinhardt's "Honeysuckle Rose" released in 1929. From the 40s, Lil Green and Miss Ella Fitzgerald with The Ink Spots. Later, some 50s and 60s grooves including Brubeck's classic "Take Five," rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson, and some soothing Ethiopian Jazz from Mulatu Astatke. We honor the 80s with the Tom Tom Club's upbeat "Genius of Love." And finally, a bundle of 90s and 2000s tunes that, although recent, still evoke that sweet nostalgic feeling.


Stream on Spotify below: