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What Does it all Mean?

Personal Reflections on Thanksgiving


Hi there, this is Lisa's daughter, Kali. Here to talk about Thanksgiving.

Our family is definitely spiritual, but definitely not in a traditional way. And that's why holidays centered around food and family mean so much to us. It isn't just about G*d and ritual, it's about community and reflection.

My older sister, Grace, is the chef. Actually though, she heads the kitchen at Cookbook in Echo Park. She's the one wearing a floral dress and wielding a hefty bottle of oil in the photo above.

Lisa is the nostalgia fairy. She gets it from her father, Charlie, pictured above in suspenders outside his home in Williamsburg, VA.

My dad, Scott, is where the spirituality and meaning of the holidays come to a head. He guides the pre-dinner conversation and reflection. Bringing us back to center. (Pictured with a goat in arms)

And I guess my job is to fill in the cracks between them. 

For years, we went to Lisa's hometown, Williamsburg without fail, to celebrate with her family. This year, we celebrate with my sister's *new In-Laws in Santa Monica.

There will be no visits to Lisa's elementary school, The Matthew Whaley School. Or family excursions to The Cheese Shop in Colonial Williamsburg. But there will be crab dip made from my great grandmother's recipe. And there will be lots of love and nostalgia. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Mona Lovers



*I hesitate to call them "new In-Laws", as Grace has been with her partner, their son, for 10 years now, but they only just wed in October!

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