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The Shoe for Super Blooms and Butterfly Migrations

clergerie platform floral embroidery by lucia liu anyang

I'm sure you've heard about the super bloom happening across California right now, but have you all noticed the wafts of butterflies around LA this past week? Apparently a group of them is officially called a "kaleidoscope of butterflies" (think "school of fish"). Poetic and very accurate. 

They definitely inspired us while photographing this week's OFT. The 
Anyang platform shoe, a collaboration designed by Lucia Liu with Clergerie.

In case you don't know already, let us tell you a bit about her. She's a serious business woman, she's incredibly talented, and she's well known for her excellent styling. She's based out of Beijing now, but is originally a native of the Sichuan region of China. That's where the inspiration for this design came from.

Stunning hand-embroidery, often with floral motifs, is a traditional craft in the Sichuan region. To create this piece, Lucia first chose this favorite Clergerie silhouette, a punk-y, gender-bender, 
creeper-esque wedge. Then she applied her modern adaptation of those traditional details. It's a stunning final product, packed with meaning, and still so easy to wear. 

Hand-embroidered flowers on soft black lambskin leather. A lightweight platform with a split base. It honors Clergerie's heritage of excellent French shoemaking, all while spotlighting Liu's own history, incredible talent, and inspirations.

We're definitely fans of this collab, reminds us how very small and very special this world can be. #OneFineThing.

The Monas

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