The Monas' Holiday Gift Guide



Merry Merry, Mona Lovers.

When the Holiday season rolls around, I am that person dropping explicit hints to my loved ones about the gifts I want to receive. I am also that person pressing my loved ones about what they want to unwrap this year. Nothing brings me more joy than receiving, and giving a gift, that’s on a wish list.

The Monas have put together a Holiday gift guide for you all to use as inspiration for gift giving, or to perhaps hand over to that special someone who may have no idea what you really want. Feel free to show them this email. Each Mona has selected their favorite gift, and we’ll give you some ideas as to why we find these pieces so very special. From luxurious beauty products, velvet shoes, and furry bags, there is something for you, and everyone on your list.

Happy Holidays from The Monas!


Emily Rae

Louise's Gift :

This classic Tiffany & Co. Scarab ring is not only beautiful, but symbolically strong. This is Louise’s favorite piece because “it’s a symbol of protection, beauty, and brings the wearer luck.”


Kali's Gift:

Kali loves the versatility of this festive Tabi. “Primaries go with everything. When you stick with true Blues, Yellows, and Reds, the combinations are endless. On top of that, these Tabis have a touch of black leather. SO versatile and also rare and special.”


Michelle's Gift:

This is a Mona favorite amongst all of us, but Michelle is obsessed with the Beautiful Oil. “I absolutely love this product. It makes my skin so smooth, and gives it a great glow.”


Neelo's Gift:

These iridescent See-Thru leggings are an effortlessly sexy layering piece, so they’re on Neelo’s wish list this year. “I think if someone would buy me these I would live in them. I imagine wearing an oversized vintage tee that’s just long enough to cover your bum- honestly, it would be so cute!”


Natalia's Gift:

Who doesn’t love The Row? This timeless Knapsack bag is perfect for the woman on the go.  Natalia loves this piece because “It is sophisticated yet casual. She “would wear it everyday with a pair of RE/DONE jeans and a Lemaire chunky sweater. Plus it is so soft! It feels like butter!”


Kiyana's Gift: 

The Monas love some sparkle. Kiyana especially loves this Sequin dress from Rodarte. “This is one of my favorite pieces Mona Moore carries. It's glittery and gold. Any gal can rock it and feel playful and elegant--It’s perfect for the New Year. I would style it with a great heel and dainty jewelry.


Emily's Gift:

I love pink accessories, and I love fur. This bag adds a touch of playfulness and femininity to any look. I’m a big sucker for 90’s nostalgia. Can’t you see Baby Spice from the Spice Girls walking around with this bag? I'm obsessed! 


Nina's Gift:

Vetements does it again with their famous Lighter heel boot, but this time it’s shiny! In Nina’s own words (and everyone can agree), “these shoes are hot!”


Lisa's Gift:

Ah, the classic Margiela cardigan-everyone needs at least one in their closet! This cheery cardigan is Lisa’s favorite. “It’s really the best cardigan for California weather. And I love the tomato red color. When I wear it with my Visvim striped t-shirt, I feel very French New Wave.”


Libby's Gift:

All that glitters is indeed gold. The Elodie Flat reminds Libby of something warm, bright and sunny. “These flats are like Southern California sunshine on your feet. They are versatile and super-elegant flats are the perfect pick-me-up. The ultra-femme ankle wrap on these look amazing with everything from vintage jeans paired with a white tee, to a dramatic holiday party dress.”


Jasmine's Gift:

Lemaire’s knitwear is always gorgeous, and dramatic (in a good way). This is Jasmine’s favorite because “it’s simultaneously comfortable and beautiful. This sweater is luxuriously cozy, with an exaggerated sleeve design that adds a certain subtle elegance. I'd style it with my high waisted green 70s' Levi's bell bottoms, or a black 90s' mini dress with tights!”






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