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Swords to Ploughshares: What Makes a 'Killer Mule'?


When I walked into the Vetements showroom to see this collection, I headed straight to a high heeled black slip-on shoe with a super cool slightly molded toe. Vetement has repurposed tons of things to use as heels- a cigarette lighter, a highlighter pen- souvenir Eiffel Towers too- coming soon-  and not complicated at all, just fun.

I picked up the shoe and Heidi said no one is ordering that one, they don’t want controversy. I looked closer and recognized the heel was a repurposed bullet. And not just any bullet, but a high caliber bullet made with one hateful thing in mind. And in spite of myself, I liked the shoe even more.

I’m a pacifist. I mean sometimes I lose my shit and yell and slam doors. It’s true I smacked Gracie on the leg that time in the car when she was 14, ugh. The capacity for violence is in pretty much all of us, but it’s not who we really are. I believe there is practically nothing so unresolvable that violence is justified. I think one day we won’t even need lawyers, just mediators.

I also think a bullet makes a great heel for an unusual and amazing looking shoe. How about a world with no guns? A world where bullets are useless for their original purpose. "Swords to ploughshares," right? Controversy can be risky, but as a retailer, a lover of fashion, and a person with strong beliefs about political and social issues, it’s not something I avoid when the result can be intelligent discussion about subjects that should be discussed.

If no one else buys the size 39, they are mine. The leather is soft, they hold the foot so beautifully, and yes, I feel strong in them. I can’t justify or even explain, but the bullet feels to me like a talisman of protection or something. I’ll enjoy wearing them for many reasons, and so might you. You also might not, and I get that too. 

Wishing peace for everyone, and with love,



PS Read more about Demna's process and inspiration for this season's designs
here. Interesting, vulnerable, purposeful. 



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