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Stella Ishii, the 4 Cardinal Directions, and the Birth Story of 6397





The fashion business has a reputation for drama and snooty 'tudes. Honestly, this is not entirely undeserved. But our experience is that some of the kindest and coolest people also work in fashion. Stella Ishii, founder and owner of the legendary NYC showroom The News is one of them. In fact, Stella is an inspiration and one of our role models for the community we build at Mona Moore. Kindness, great taste, and an appreciation for the unconventional. And good snacks.

The News showroom is one of Lisa's favorite places to visit on buying trips. You go up the elevator, and walk out into a big loft-y space with big, old windows, bowls of snacks dotted around, rows of vintage heavy desks, little pockets holding new designs from NeedlesLeur LogetteArch TheAlumnae, and more. And sometimes, if you're really lucky, there's a cute baby, too. :)

In 2013, Stella decided to start her own line, 
6397, joining the ranks of the excellent lines she represents in her showroom. It’s become a huge success. And we carry it at Mona Moore!

The News is named for the 4 cardinal directions, North, East, West, South. 6397 is how those letters looked after being pressed into a telephone keypad

Just like the name, the designs are thoughtful, clever, connected to Stella and to a shared story. A 
black cotton cardigan for easy wear in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Stretch denim in a sober wash. An oversized blazer like grandpa's, but in pink jacquard. A white crochet mesh crewneck beautiful layered over a summer slip dress

The common thread is this balance of understated and expressive. At once timeless and contemporary. Great on you, your daughter, your granddaughter, your son too. 

Mona Moore carries clothes usually marketed as "women's" at fashion week, but to us it's always fluid. You've probably seen more and more of this fluidity around though, with single runway shows where models--male, female, trans, androgynous--walk wearing the same styles. No more separate men's and women's shows. This is the future and we can't wait to see it unfold. 

Wear what you want to wear, whether it's a full suit from 6397 , or an artfully crafted rayon dress from Visvim. Women changed the rules of dress back in the 1920s when we decided pants were for everyone. Men still have such limited access to the fashion vocabulary. Help us strip away some of the rules and focus just on wearing what you like. 

Wear what you feel best in and call it revolutionary.



The Monas

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