Never Too Old To Play Dress-Up


 The holiday season is a time of year when we are bombarded with family dinners, parties; a time when we find ourselves busier than usual, scrambling to prepare meals, gifts and decorations.  Amidst the madness, take a breather.  Remember that in the spirit of giving, we mustn’t forget to give to ourselves.  Put up those twinkly lights, decorate the tree, but don’t forget to set aside some time to decorating yourself!  After all the effort you put forth this time of year, you deserve it.  When you get dressed, have some fun in your closet: mix it up, try something new.  You’re never too old to play dress-up.

To me, fashion is an artform of both self-expression and self-love.  By indulging in fashion, you are telling yourself that you deserve to be decorated, that your beauty is so grand that it can only be accentuated further with accessories and attire.  Your body is a glorious art piece to be adorned with decorations of your choice.  What you wear is paint on a canvas--the color, the shape, the texture which makes you feel all-the-more authentically you.  Sure, you may enjoy the compliments you get on your outfits; you may dress up in hopes that your efforts will be acknowledged and appreciated; but ultimately, fashion is for the self.  An expression of self; an expression of love to the self.  

With December fresh in its early stages, intend to face the remainder of the holiday season with playfulness.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, to take risks.  Today, I wore lace-up knee-high white suede boots gifted to me from my lovely co-worker Nicole with a poofy white skirt and a thrift-shop fur coat.  Finished off with a makeshift-choker (lace + safety pin) and two barrettes on one side of my head.  I am enjoying my day to the fullest as I began it with a fun, energetic game of dress-up.  So when you wake up each morning, despite the demands of the day ahead of you, put on your favorite upbeat tunes, dance like no one’s watching, and pick an ensemble from your selection of adornments that makes you feel undoubtedly, joyfully, perfectly you.


 Happy Holidays, Lovelies!


Jasmine  /// The Monas




Posted by Jasmine Soufer On December 02, 2016
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