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Meet the Monas' Mommas





Today is Mother's Day and our hearts are FULL of appreciation for all the mommas out there!

We asked our Mona team some questions about fashion and the *mother of their choosing. Read on to hear what they had to say. What would your answers be?

*Mother/mom/momma/mother figure as we see it has no gender/genetic requirements or qualifications! 

Harper -

Who did you choose? 
My mum Karen. Also my grandmother Sultana. 

What did you learn from them about style/fashion?
From my mother- eyeliner expert, how to wear garter belts under dresses (was always allowed.) How sometimes it’s ok to keep yourself in a cocoon of comfort.
For my grandmother- at 12 “you never need to take off your makeup.” Not something I follow to this day but she was a dressmaker who encapsulated French style to a ‘T’. She always put herself together first. 

How did they influence (or not) how you dress today?
Both were great teachers in their empowerment and lack of - in me. Great rebellion became the alchemy of appreciation to my mother’s soul style. My grandmother painted my nails all the time. I was her fashion star, she never tarnished. She painted my brothers' as well long before the gender conversation was en-mass convo. They were clear and I got to wear pink, but baby steps.

Emily - 
Who did you choose? 
Geri Gates, my mommie! 

What did you learn from them about style/fashion?
Gold jewelry makes every outfit look amazing. My mom has always been athletic and I remember she would go to work (she's a personal trainer) in her Nike track suit with her gold hoops, gold rings, and her Rolex! Even when she goes to bed, she is always wearing gold jewelry lol.

How did they influence (or not) how you dress today?
My mom definitely has a more bohemian style than I do. When she sees me in some of my more crazier outfits, she raises her eye brow. She knows I'm a bit more wild. However, we do share a love for comfortable basics-beautifully woven cotton sweaters, linen pants, cozy sweatshirts, accessorized with gold jewelry of course. 

Kali - 
Who did you choose? 
Lisa Bush, my boss, my mommy, my muse, the original Mona. 

What did you learn from them about style/fashion?
Everything I know. It took me until adulthood to realize how much I actually loved fashion. It was just such a natural part of my life and upbringing. It took me a long time to see clearly that it was something special my mother had instilled in me and my sister, something she brought into our home and lives. 

How did they influence (or not) how you dress today?
There's never been any judgement from her when it comes to my appearance, and that includes outfits choices. I know that sounds unbelievable, but it's so true. The only comments from her on what I wear have always been positive. That echoes so deeply into what she does at Mona Moore. That idea of wearing what makes you feel good, excited, empowered. It's how she dresses and it's how she always encourage me to dress too. 

Kiyana - 
Who did you choose? 
My birth mom, Mondana.

What did you learn from them about style/fashion?
I grew up watching my mom get dolled up to go out, she also designed her own clothing and even her own wedding dress. We had every fashion magazine in the house and she even paid for a subscription to Fashion tv which showcased all the runway videos. I grew up watching Project Runway and ANTM (America's Next Top Model) so my whole childhood I grew up looking at beautiful fashion editorials and playing dress up in her old 90s clothes.

How did they influence (or not) how you dress today?
My mom is the reason I love fashion today the reason I love doing fashion photography! She is a HUGE FASHION POLICE CRITIC and is definitely one of those that judges everyones outfits (which I prefer not to do!). She really loves her fashion and has taught me what to wear and not to but I still would say I have my own aesthetic. To this day I still steal her clothes :)

Lisa - 
Who did you choose?
My mother, Kate, who gave birth to me, her first born, when she was 20 years old in 1966.

What did you learn from them about style/fashion?
My mother is one of those people with innate style. She knows what she wants to wear. Some elements of her style are very classic. I remember a perfect little navy blue pea coat she owned from about 1970. From the same time there were these brown leather pull-on flat boots. My mom will also always go for something that’s totally unconventional and not like anybody else. I’m sure in Tidewater Virginia where she’s lived most of her life there are many people who think her clothes are weird. 

How did they influence (or not) how you dress today?
My mom doesn’t live in a place where there are lots of people who love clothes and see them as a form of creativity and self-expression. But my mother has never cared about fitting in. I learned to wear what I want with confidence. She never made me follow rules of convention about clothes and never made comments about if something was appropriate or not. I don’t think I was even very aware that people could be very judgmental about clothes. By the time I realized it, she’d modeled her own freedom and confidence to me that I knew I didn’t have to care about it if I didn’t want to. She inspired me to want to bring this sense of freedom and confidence to other women, and this is one reason I love my work at Mona Moore.


Happy Mother's Day to all the Mona Lovers mommas. You're each our #OneFineThing today.

The Monas


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