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Lisa On Mother's Day





I was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago. I was devastated and disbelieving. I had a strong urge to keep it a secret, which I think is strange for me, the over-sharer. It triggered a darkness in me that lasted weeks. 

Somewhere along the way I sensed something new. I had the irrational sense that I was being held and began to think of all of us as held, all the time, no matter what. 

As I began to open up and share what I was going through, I got so much love, so much care. I started to see the flip side to the darkness of cancer. The love I received/witnessed during that time was distinctly motherly. It came from my friends, my partner, my children, even strangers and of course from my parents.

Mother's Day can seem so annoyingly retrograde. What I want is to encourage us to see that mothers and great mothering is all around us when we tune in to it. It's not about biological motherhood, or even necessarily related to children.

It's about what I think of as maybe the very best energy/love on earth, and as soon as you start paying attention, it's suddenly everywhere. I want Mona Moore to be spiritual and poetic and intelligent about Mother's Day. I'm grateful for The Mother in all its ways and forms. Big love for every one of us today ❤️


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