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Fun with Lisa: Paris Fashion Week FW20


A glimpse of Paris fashion week through Lisa's eyes. She landed late at night. The sun set at 10pm that day. Then she found herself on her own by the Seine and The Louvre, smoking a cigarette and walking through the warm air. Over the course of the week that followed, the heat was scorching, especially for Paris in June. No AC, lots of walking between showrooms, and waiting for buses. But Lisa survived, though the fountains tempted her to take a plunge along the way.

She fell in love with new pieces from Leur Logette, ate plenty of good food, met with old friends of hers and of Mona Moore, and then off to the airport again to come home. The RER train is a favorite travel hack from Lisa. Ten dollars gets you all the way back from Paris to Charles de Gaulle Airport. For long travel, there is nothing better than a roomy dress to get you comfortably through it all, and so Lisa wore her Molly Goddard green gingham babydoll. 

*Sigh*, it came and went so fast, but she knows she'll be there again soon, and hopefully the air will be just a touch more temperate by then. 



The Monas








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