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Lisa Bush in her birthday suit

  • Magnus Deppe

Office attire. Hmm. It's a concept that's pretty foreign to Mona Moore. Lisa's doesn't believe it in and doesn't enforce any particular dress code. She encourages all the Mona Lovers who come here to shop to dress for self expression, aesthetic bravery. It's the same for the Monas who come in here work. Wear what makes you feel good.

In this case, traditional "office attire" and "no dress code" come up with the same answer: a Maison Margiela Short Suit with black patent leather Tabis. Fashion for the office. Yay!

The shorts come with little adjustable tabs at the sides, for function and design. The jacket comes oversized with broad shoulders giving grandpa vibes. This mini bucket bag, a replica from the 1930s, is made up of two compartments and is lined in smooth black grosgrain textile.

Wear what makes you feel good. It's when you do your best work.