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Jil Says Wear Your Jewelry Over Your Shoulder. 

  • Mona Moore


Wear your jewelry over your shoulder. 

Jil Sander showed a sterling silver purse on the Spring Summer runway. It's minimally etched with a nude figure reclining on the front, designed by new lead duo, Luke and Lucie Meier. They played with nature and order this season, where they glide together or clash apart.

The etched silver purse exemplifies this. Made of polished precious metal, it's reflective making it both camouflaged and brightly shining. And it's lightweight but tough and sturdy. It's an heirloom piece to passed-down and patinated from generation to generation, only improving with use and wear.

The nude human form was a recurring theme in the collection, showing up in subtle, abstracted ways in a few key pieces. A top, a sweater, these etched cases. 

The purse with strap is $1650, the small compact case is $1150. Both are equally worthy of the title #OneFineThing

How do nature and order fit together in your life?

The Monas