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Introducing Sara Lanzi at Mona Moore

Mona Moore


Self-taught Italian designer Sara Lanzi creates clothing for women that combine subtlety with unexpected pairings of color and shape. With the influence of her longtime mentor, Commes des Garçons’ Rei Kawakubo, Lanzi intends to express a balance of contrasting elements: delicate yet substantial, whimsical yet subdued. Sara Lanzi’s contemporary designs exhibit voluminous silhouettes and a simultaneous presence of masculinity and femininity. Since her first collection was showed at Paris Fashion Week in 2007, Sara Lanzi has expanded her horizons in the world of fashion while remaining authentic to her personal aesthetic and creative vision.

Sara Lanzi Women's Dress Skirt Jumper Jumpsuit Luxury Designer Floral


What is it about a dress with pockets that gets us all so excited? Maybe it's the thought that something so beautiful can also be totally functional. Maybe it's that safe feeling of tucking your hands at your sides when you're not sure what else to do with them. Maybe it's how sneaky the pockets always are--flat-lying slits that disappear into a side seam. Maybe it's a way of showing you're not just a dress girl, that you're scrappy too, and don't need a purse.

Whatever the reason, whenever I wear a dress that has them, if someone says something remotely complimentary, my automatic response is sticking my hands in them to show off the magic.  


Sara Lanzi Women's Dress Skirt Jumper Jumpsuit Luxury Designer Floral

Sara Lanzi Women's Dress Skirt Jumper Jumpsuit Luxury Designer Floral Shop Online


Sara Lanzi seems to design with women in mind, whether it's hidden pockets in a dress, striking drop earrings on felt to keep them almost weightless, or trousers that are expertly tailored and pleated to hug your body.

She's a woman in charge and she's building something really excellent. So glad we get to share what she's doing with you.


The Monas



PS It's still in the works, but Mona Moore will be hosting Sara Lanzi herself for a special event this November. Keep an eye out, invitation coming soon! 


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