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OFT - Inga in Cherevichki

  • Mona Moore

Sleep Dress White Dresses Grandma Chanel


Mona lovers come in many forms. Inga is the newest member. She's 90, stunning, and too glam to give a damn. She came to Mona Moore this week to work on a special OFT shoot with our photographer, Kiyana. She spoke a bit about herself and her life while she walked through the store and pointed out things she'd like to try on and pose in. She shared that most of her modeling has been nude, that she worked with horses as a hostler for years, that she kayaked 30 miles to Catalina Island when she was 80, and that she has a portrait in the Louvre.

Above, she's wearing the Cherevichki smock dress paired with gold earrings from Darlene de Sedle. The look makes her ocean blue eyes and rosy cheeks pop. But the first thing she picked was a sheer black and bright orange slip dress from Margiela. Inga gets it. She really represents what we keep preaching. Fashion has no age. Release yourself from the shackles of "age appropriate." Wear what you love, whether you're 20 in a muumuu, or 90 in a silk slip. Dress with feeling. 



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