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I Love My Mom

 harper puppy i love my mom


The "I Love My Mom" tee from Re/Done has us really thinking. 

Sisters' bonds are notoriously complicated. Female friendships, too. And you know what else is: mother-daughter relationships. They don't *have* to be, but often they are. 😔

In Buddhism there's a concept about these expanding circles of care. Care for loved ones (no prob), care for neighbors (ok, sure), even care for enemies (eep, not easy!).

The meaning behind it has something to do with reincarnation and the connectedness of the reality we all exist in. Suspend your disbelief for a moment and let's say that reincarnation is a fact of the world. That each of us throughout time would inevitably exist as the other's mother and then again as the other's child at some point. Each of us will hold the other inside of us, and each of us will be held inside. Are you feeling the love? It doesn't matter what kind of mother or child you were/will be, or what choices you made. What matters is the connection. 

That person who just cut you off? If you haven't already been, you will one day be their mother. And one day, if they haven't already been, they will be your mother, too. Love and empathy are at the center of it. Not necessarily forgiveness or excuses. Love and empathy.

This sentiment is part of why we like this shirt so much. It might be why you like it too. Or maybe you just love you mom. Whoever they are. 💘

We really do love our mom(s). #OneFineThing.

The Monas



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