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Do It Debbie's Way: We'll Only Work Out If It's 1983.


Debbie Reynolds in all her spandex, seated on the ground ready to explain the next movement.


Shelley Winters not having it in her custom "I'm only doing this for Debbie" sweatshirt.


Have you read this article in the New Yorker yet? We highly recommend it if you haven't yet. Great little dive into feminism, womanhood in Hollywood, mother-daughter-dynamics, and long-term female camaraderie. Shelley Winters rocks your worlds with surly retorts and a sort of teenage apathy and resistance. Debbie is clever, dynamic, self-aware and also serious.

Hands down the most fun we've ever had watching an exercise video. Thank you to writer Rachel Syme for bringing this into our Mona world!

Click here to read the full article 😘


Love, The Monas


The full video, in all its 1983 glory below: 


And of course, Carrie Fischer, clad in an iron thong, smiling through the discomfort in her famous seaside photoshoot.

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