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A Mona Event: StyleLikeU at Mona Moore


Mona Moore x StyleLikeU
Saturday, December 8th

208 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA


StyleLikeU is on a mission and Mona Moore is honored to be a part of it. Years ago, Lisa had the chance to participate in their project and decided to share her story with them. She spoke about her breast cancer, the double mastectomy it required, and how it changed the clothes she wore and the way she walked through the world. When Elisa and Lily reached out a few weeks ago about cohosting an evening at our store, the answer was an easy "yes." 

Join us 
Saturday, December 8th for a chance to gather with others who've connected to this project, share stories, and maybe have a glass of wine. The Monas will all be there, ready to listen and share, too. 

Hope to see you there.


The Monas


A bit more about StyleLikeU below:


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