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Lunch in the Neighborhood: Cafe Gratitude

I've spent years avoiding Cafe Gratitude. I mean, the premise that you order through self-affirmation is absurd. I don't want to exclaim to my server that "I AM EXTRAORDINARY", "I AM MAGICAL", or "I AM LIBERATED". It's too hippie, too pretentious, just too much for someone like me. But I found myself craving some hippie vegan-y food the other day and Cafe Gratitude was my answer.  

On my first visit I decided on the "I Am Accepting" ($15), which was a bowl including blackened tempeh, kale, wakame, avocado, cucumber, sprouted probiotic quinoa and sesame wasabi dressing. I gotta say, it was delicious and exactly what I wanted to eat. BUT the portion was tiny, maybe enough for half of a meal, and for $15 it's not exactly a sustainable lunch choice. 

I returned a few weeks later for their version of a BLT, the "I Am Extraordinary" ($14), with coconut bacon, romaine, tomato, chipotle cashew aioli and avocado, all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. The first bite was pretty good but by the time I got halfway through I didn't really want to eat it anymore. The tomatoes were flavorless and mealy and the wrap was a little soggy. 

The next time "I Am Hungry" I'd probably go back for the "I Am Accepting" despite it's high price. Sometimes you just have to give in to your inner hippie. 

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