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Lunch in the Neighborhood: Gjusta


I just moved back to LA after living in New York for 7 years and have been helping my mom Lisa out at the store for the holidays. Working with my mom is great and all, but so far my favorite part of the day is lunch! Lucky for me, there are some great places to eat near Mona Moore. So here begins my guide to lunch in the neighborhood:

I'd read so many great things about Gjusta and had been dying to finally check it out. What a beautiful space. It can get pretty busy during typical lunch hours but I recommend the 3-5pm sweet spot when the crowds die down. The menu is enormous and can be a little daunting, but if you order right, it's definitely one of the best lunch spots around. 
I love that they have a build-your-own-sandwich section. There are lots of yummy ingredients to mix and match. It takes a little more effort than just ordering from their list of sandwiches but it's been fun for me to get a little creative with my lunch. On my first day working at Mona Moore I put together a sesame bagel with lox, pickled onion, and scallion labneh. Soooo good. And my new favorite build-your-own is cheddar on baguette with aioli, sprouts, herbs and roasted red peppers. The best part is that my meatless cheddar sandwich cost only $6! Such a steal!
My mom and I also tried their croissants the other day and we were very impressed. They reminded us of the croissants that we used to get when we lived in Montreal. Super rich buttery flavor, so flaky and with a little bite. Yum!
Stay tuned for my next installment of lunch in the neighborhood... 

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