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Madame Vuckovic's October '16 Foretellings

Madame Vuckovic's October '16 Foretellings











Times are strange, in fact very strange. Many of us may need to heed the advice; “wait three days” before you make any move to repair the tornado that has come throughout 2016. The reference to “three days” means a period of contemplation, meditation, and concentration. This is my only advice for October. Slowing down, taking stock and being mindful of your every move. Dance with life and dance with love as the full galactic universe is playing the tune, all you have to do is to shut up, act with dignity and listen. Psychologist Carl Jung once said, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”






Take a moment to breath, Libra. It is your birthday month after all. An exceptional new year awaits. Look around and all the magnificence of this universe will open up. And, remember to chill. The only place of clarity is in the center. Be easy on yourself for these times are not meant for completion. Use your smile to change the world. Dates surrounding the 10th bring something special into the picture. Leave no stone unturned now, Libra.



Have confidence in your position, Scorpio. Where you are on the path was made to easier express your vision with no fear. When you cultivate empathy, you are in a position to take the lemons that life hands you and make lemonade. Walk with bravery. Begin to see life as a dance where you step in and out of involvements. The Aries full moon on the 16th shows you a better way to align yourself to a goal.



October is a much friendlier month, Sagittarius. Most of 2016 the arguments you have found yourself in have blind sighted the truth. Move on from the blame game. Proceed with your work and take time to have fun. Make time for finding yourself in joy. Sagittarius is the sign which governs travel & higher learning, Don't forget that. We must expand our world view by adventuring beyond our own front door to experience firsthand new horizons. 



In October your 10th House of Career is very strong – not only strong, but filled with beneficial planets. Its important now to withdraw from the situation long enough so that you can clearly see what is happening or has happened. The distance between your most magical dreams and your future is called action. The 16th is a time push forward with career goals and make room for social activities. Don't let love fall by the wayside, Capricorn! Let someone enjoy you and all you have to offer.



This new month brings a feeling of freshness! Realising where this energy is coming from, helps you to harness it and keep it coming back more regularly. The new moon in Scorpio towards the end of the month; brings a tiny explosion into your love life. Ah! You're not very fond of those. Be aware as this one comes bearing a cross, you cannot hide from! Mid month may leave you feeling pulled in different direction, in an unruly and conflicted way. Do your best and everything will work out for the best. 



Do not be afraid to speak from your heart, Pisces. You will be heard as you speak truth. Throughout October your psychic abilities become even stronger. Small things like knowing who will call before they call. You sense things about people – their character and circumstances. This always works in your favour. October is a month where doing right, achieving right will lead to ‘feeling right’. Focus on Career, the full moon will push for that regardless. 



October is all good-natured fun, a grand adventure, a game. Give yourself a break and adapt a point of view that takes the pressure off. Meet yourself halfway. The old ways and patterns of behaviour and action do not work anymore. Much of 2016 has seen you pushing the envelope. Especially, in business. Take a back seat now and let things unfold naturally. The Aries Full moon will speak directly to you around the 16th, listen to its message. 



Throughout October you are interested in work not because you have to be, but because you want to be – this makes all the difference in the world. Ask the hard questions always knowing it is you they need, not the other way around. Around the 12th, change is everywhere, but you won’t get everything you want overnight. It's a slow process, but trust in it. It won't fail you. You are on the verge of the next level in your life. 



If in any situation you do not know which way to go, it is a sign to disengage Gemini. Everything that manifests as reality begins as a thought. So, in a very real sense you are what you think. Your 6th House of Health becomes powerful after the 23rd, this governs self love too. Practice gratitude every day. You are loveable, compassionate and real. It's a beautiful thing to let yourself ~ just be.



Now is the time to make a plan of reconstruction and leave fear behind you, Cancer. In October, there is rapid progress towards your goals. The 25-26th of the month are the best for love & finance. You will cultivate social graces this month, everyone will want to be in your social circle. Career opportunities, no matter how lucrative – should be judged from the perspective of emotional harmony. 



Leo, move without worry as the brave spiritual warrior you are. Seek the heart of the matter and thoroughly look to your own actions. Prosperity and all the lucky breaks are still happening for you. Jupiter is in your Money House for some of October. Use it to your advantage. Home and family life is highlighted. Something personal may be going on and it could be taking up a lot of your thought process. By the New Moon in Scorpio towards the end of the month, you will get a little reprieve.



As a mutable sign, being changeable and adaptable is in your nature. October strengthens these qualities. Take your time and open your heart. Be unrelentingly honest with yourself about your recent behavior and ways of thinking. Dates surrounding the 11th make you realize there’s nothing to be gained from bottling things up. You have good planets this month, so keep creating life as you desire it to be.