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Madame Vuckovic's September '17 Foretellings

Madame Vuckovic's September '17 Foretellings


September is a cool breeze coming to twirl around your fingers as we grasp what 2017 has (personally) been so far. It is shaping up to be an interesting month, with loads of mutable energy, a solstice and a beautiful Full Moon in Pisces on the 6th. The Pisces moon reminds us the world needs a little bit of sweetness. Step out of yourself and look at how you can help others. This soft energy is followed by a self sacrificing New Moon in Virgo on the 20th. It is a hard placement for a new moon and promises to be electric and chaotic. Your growth is dependent on re-evaluating and changing the way you think. We are all connected, energetically, emotionally. Be compassionate, show empathy. Don't worry about timing, you are right on time. 



The stars align for your birthday month, Virgo. This will be a huge month for you. The Solstice on the 22nd brings lots of mutable energy. Which means its easy to make complicated changes now. Detox may be important now, or a cleaning up of sorts. Mentally, spiritually and physically. You're working well with the cosmic energies. The Full Moon in the 7th house is all about relationships. Your relationships. Underlining intimacy generally, it could be time for a change of scenery. Changing the way you may see things. The reality of things. Neptune questions reality. You may meet someone around the 6/7th and feel as though you're meeting a soulmate of sorts. With this building of energy, you could also feel boxed in. Don't allow your energy to be too scattered by what is going on around you. Gather the momentum. With Venus in Virgo on the 20th it is a good time to love yourself - do something special for you. A New Moon in your own sign on the 20th highlights all eyes on you. A new source of income and new business ideas prosper. 



You're preparing for progress, Libra. A lot of planets are in the mutable signs, so lots of opportunity to bring about transformation. Big issues are being resolved. You seem to have a double dose of good luck this month. Be sure to go over contracts and signing papers - re-reading and re-negotiating. The Full Moon in Pisces means Mars enters your 12th house. For you, that means this month is good for recharging batteries. Being responsible. If you have certain limitations being placed in work or intimate relationships, you may now come to clarity on how to change it. Look deeply within as your personal new year begins - your birthday is close. Valuing yourself and tuning into intuition is important. Detoxing and cleansing is valuable this month, the energy has shifted and it’s smart not to continue as you have been. This is the power of mutable energy. Look at what you need to deal with and then one step in the right direction is all it takes to begin.



A new door is opening, Scorpio. Changing of seasons means environments are changing. Being a fixed sign in mutable energy times, it’s important to allow yourself to be guided. Swift changes are possible now, more so than ever before. The 6th of the month means Mercury will go direct, so sign away in regards to business deals. We have a Full Moon in Pisces on that day too, which falls in your 5th house. The 5th house is all about the child within. The Full Moon will hit the romance button and possibly shine a light on where you're taking things too seriously. Neptune encourages you to let go and let something new and gentle in. Sometimes you can focus too much on a "survivor" outlook on things, this month makes you come alive in the sense of playfulness. Not taking things too seriously and knowing that not everything everyone does is about you are important to keep in mind. You begin to reflect on the year.



Outstanding opportunities make themselves known, Saggi. With the Equinox upon us, shifts are taking place. Being a mutable sign means that this month you have more chances than previous. Health & energy are highlighted. A sense of karma in everything you do is noted and it makes you feel in touch. The 6th of the month, Pisces Full Moon enters your 4th house, activating ambition and career. Someone around you zooms into your uniqueness and helps you showcase that in a more natural manner. You may be moving. Location seems to be on the cards. Where do you feel secure and stable and how do you feel secure? Making waves in career is highly likely, between the 10th and 20th notice resistance and help free yourself. Come from love and those around you will be pillars of encouragement. What feels soulfully right?



A spiritually inclined new self opens up, Capricorn. You will feel lucky as the month begins and radiant too. With mutable energy abound and solstice nearing closer, you kickstart a much desired ambition. It is a month to release, in all ways but particularly materialistically. Mars enters your 9th house and that means the Full Moon in Pisces shines a light on your thoughts. Hoarding memories and perceptions in your mind comes to a halt. A series of romantic completions from the past really come to culmination. It is important to share information about yourself. September is the time to refocus on the meaning of your life. Inner work is transformative now, as it has been for some time - you've really gotten deep with yourself. Just keep in mind to allow others down in those most special parts too. 



A problem is resolved in September, Aquarius. A lot is coming in for you now and because of this partnerships are strengthened. You give up on running and really ground yourself in whatever energy is around you. You have many opportunities for personal change, some that you have been continuously working with. Communication can be a little wonky especially as the month begins. If you have to send something important off, check it twice. Being a fixed sign in this mutable energy, make sure to leave space for more movement in your life. The New Moon in Virgo will have you looking for balance, especially in regards to finances. Your earning ability is up for conversation. Be willing to get to the bottom of something - something you may have kept hidden is being released. A romantic relationship deepens, give it the recognition it deserves. 



Emotional evolution is the name of the game for September, Pisces. It is a huge month for you with the Full Moon in your own sign on the 6th. A time of change is upon you. Keep trusting your intuitive voice, especially with Neptune hanging about. Listen to dreams and what their messages entail. Your 1st house is highlighted, time to put focus on the self. Relationships may have taken centre stage over the last few weeks but it is about recognizing what you want and sensing what is guiding you. What is real for you? Relationships are enhanced on the 13th. Contracts can be signed now too, business dealings swing in your favor. The Virgo New Moon hits your 7th house, it meets Venus there too. Love is triggered in every sense of the word. You are getting involved in beneficial situations and the 23rd could see a special gift being given to you. 



A new cycle has begun, Aries. This month soul mate relationships surround you and are seeking for you to notice them. Delay getting into important negotiations until the 5th. Early on in the month, a lot seems to be happening. The Full Moon hits your 12th house and Mars enters your 6th. All of this simply means, a rebalance of energy is made prominent. Continuing with the theme of looking inward, and explore that. Meditating and a little withdrawal will bring things back to center. You are busy however. Physical health is highlighted and that means physical movement too. Is it perhaps time for a detox, what is your body telling you. It is a month of learning to flow, both emotionally and physically. A great sense of satisfaction is derived this month from the outright changes happening. It can feel daunting when you don't know which way things are about to go, but invigorating too. 



Projects move forward, Taurus. September's theme is special; something that was lost may return to you. Changes happen more rapidly this month, you can thank the mutable energy for that. The focus this month is on your 4th house. Home decluttering and being in your space is important. It is a time to bring your environment into balance. Especially with the Solstice coming, working with vibrational energy will be prominent in your life. A sense of moving forward came over you late August and it deepens with every September day. The Full Moon shines a light on your friendships and collaborations. You are not in competition with those around you. Instead you really focus on the romance of life, and any collaborations that turn you on really come to fruition now. After the 20th, times a good for business. Take the path of least resistance. 



You know the right words to say this month, Gemini. An old cycle is ending and you are feeling the growing pains. Things are ready to go, you just need to see the magic of not knowing what direction. If you have had a sense of dissatisfaction these past few weeks, go into it. The Pisces Full Moon gives you an opportunity to step out into the limelight. You've done some hard work throughout August. Celebrate your breakthroughs. Mars enters Virgo on the 5th and with Mercury direct the day before, your personal life is on fire. A correction needs to be made on the 13th. The Virgo New Moon is very good for working behind the scenes, investing, and home projects. Things work out. You are abundant this month and are getting a fresh start on financial security and inner being. 



You feel liberated this month, Cancer. A new direction that you have been searching for opens up and with the mutable energy swirling around seasons are a' changing. Internal changes have shifted and you may have made a breakthrough late August. Don't sign important contracts until after the 6th. The Full Moon that same day in Pisces means your 9th house is activated. A huge focus this month is connected to spiritual growth. Soul growth. You have searched for inner meaning and this moon energy really triggers every day magic. A legal situation is complete around the 10th. You will be busy this month, it could be business related and a possible move may be in the cards too. Don't give out your energy. Harness it for yourself. Mid month is brilliant for negotiations and technology. Networking and connecting is super for you this month. Don't let yourself be frightened by swimming upstream. 


LEO - 

You're raking in the big bucks this month, Leo. You are in a period of significance. The energy that has been swirling around you hasn't been so easy to keep track of, especially being a fixed sign. The 6th of the month brings a Full Moon in Pisces and Mars entering your 2nd house. Finances, talents, and abilities are center stage. Something is coming into fruition with the Pisces moon. Perhaps, a water sign individual who wants your time and energy. You are charming this month, you are thinking of new ways to benefit yourself. The 20th gives you an opportunity to think about what changes you want to make. The New Moon in Virgo really spotlights your finances. Pay outs of some sort make themselves available. You are looking at future plans, don't get tunnel vision on perfection. Sharing information of any kind will benefit you.