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Madame Vuckovic's October '17 Foretellings

  • Mona Moore



We are taught that everything happens for a reason. This month pushes us to see the bigger picture of our lives, both independently and collectively. Let spirit guide you. Each challenge, each relationship, each individual experience is for recognizing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. A Full Moon in Aries appears on the 5/6th depending where you're situated, it urges all to practice courage and be weary of inner conflict that may rise from self and project onto others. Later a New Moon in Libra arrives on the 19/20th, and is a wonderful time to nurture relationships and expand on what we long for. The relevance of Laura Dave's quote does not go unnoticed this month, "Even if things didn't always go the way they should, sometimes they went exactly where they needed to."




With Jupiter in Scorpio this month Libra, get ready for a major life shift. One that you may have noticed speeding up as the year has progressed. Believing in yourself, your hard work, and your devotion is imperative now you approach a different dynamic structure. Trusting your inner knowing, sensing what to do and when to do it is your power now. Jupiter will be magnifying whatever it touches. You are developing a certain talent and it is giving you reassurance. A lot of activity in your 1st house, you are bursting with energy. It is the Cosmos’ way of saying 'Happy Birthday, Baby!'. The 18th, Mercury joins Jupiter and money is at the forefront. You learn something new in regards to your finances. Be careful of overspending. The next episode to watch is the Aries Full Moon, it could be manipulative for you, a secret you don't want to come out, can. So, just be aware and be honest in your communications with others. The end of the month can be rocky, as a sign that rules balance and fairness it is about being authentic. Do not loose your identity to please others. 



A huge new beginning arrives in October as Jupiter enters your very own sign, Scorpio. You are feeling intense with expansive energy. Many of you will propel now at lightening speed. The Full Moon in Aries joins your 6th house of work & health. Making constructive changes to health and wealth is important now. With Jupiter moving into Scorpio on the 11th and staying for over a year, coupled with the fact it takes 12 years to make its way back around, things feel a tad wacky and wonderful. You are truly entering a new phase and it is encouraging you to see your life from a wider perspective. You want to add significant richness to your life, you want depth and you will do whatever it takes to get it. It should be a very positive time for you. The New Moon on the 20th may bring a few surprises. Some good and some not so good, however it will help focus on turning a chapter that is well and truly over due.




Get ready Sagittarius, this month is based around soul mate relationships and fast paced movements. The Aries Full Moon on the 5th starts the month off in your 5th house of creativity. Developing passions and growing them into businesses is possible now and for the rest of the year. Relationships both intimate and business flourish. Jupiter is your ruling sign and as it shifts into Scorpio, unseen things develop. Knowing that not everything is as it seems and reading between the lines in everyday life helps you adjust to the quickened pace of things. Venus joins Mercury and it is so good for friendships! Have you felt left out lately, Venus will be truly helpful and mix it back up for you. You are deciding on something around the 12th. The New Moon in Libra enters your 11th house, what are you hoping for? Getting active in a social circle, being proactive with your voice and what you have to say build liveliness around you. 



Excellent progress is seen in October, Capricorn. The planets are harmonizing. You are in a stronger position as you have Pluto on your side. Your 4th house is activated on the Aries Full Moon. The 4th house is about home, family and security. Changes in every sense of the word are happening around you. Moving, leaving, addressing are part of your every day life. Challenging, yes. Rewarding, yes. Jupiter blesses your life from the 11th, expansion is important and you are being asked to reach out. Network. Let go of superficiality. Dig deep and don't sweep over things. Visualizations of what you want and still need to create for the rest of the year are imperative now. Jupiter is about belief, when you believe it, you will see it! Work and career are very good this month. You could hear good news about a project from the 18th. You must learn to be a little proactive and give yourself a push forward, encouraging yourself to pursue what is in your heart.




Amplifying what feels good is the name of the game, Aquarius. Being brave and honest is so crucial for you this month. Once you harness this, good news comes forward. Changing your scenery is favored as the Aries Moon enters fullness. Love is truly magnified for you this month. A somewhat on again/off again love is driving you crazy. The 10th house is illuminated, how are you bringing your flavor to whatever work you do? Expanding career and maneuvering it in a new direction is something you should really be focusing on. Jupiter brings lots of new opportunities for us all when it changes house, but we have to be the ones in the drivers seat. Travel and legal situations equal good news. New friendships and/or romance with a different nationality help bring a spiritual element to sooth you. It brings meaning, texture, and richness to your life that you may have been lacking these past few weeks. 



Keeping up appearances or false realities is wrong this month, Pisces and should be avoided. The Full Moon in Aries is in your 2nd house of money. This generally means a light is switched on in that area. Changes in financial situations are triggered. A new job, a new work colleague, or a talent that has been under the surface is being pushed to flourish. Jupiter moves into your 9th house and it’s possibly one of the best houses for it to be in. A year of travel opens up. You gain a whole new perspective on your life as you enter the last few months of the year and onto the next. Balance is restored in an existing relationship. Everything feels easier. A lover wants to invest in you. This is a BIG month for love. The New Moon in Libra is an intense one. You are trying mighty hard to create something, creative abilities are increased to high, high potential right now. Strong passions towards someone or something are magnified. It is as though you're observing with great intent and are trying to revive something close to you. 



What you seek is seeking you, Aries. You've been yearning for a new chapter and it is in sight now. Mars is in harmony with Pluto. This will work for you. However, perseverance is needed in your relationships this month. You have been focusing on self, and how you will balance the next 6 months is up in the air now. The Aries Full Moon on the 5th is in your own sign. A light is shining on what you're not doing enough of. Jupiter in your 8th house is generally good news for partnerships, finances, and spiritual outlook. A deeper intimacy is consciously making its way forward. The 15th means that Venus enters your 7th house of relationships, you are finding more depth with those you share romance with. Many Aries are exploring the balance of life. Debt and moving finances are opened on the Libra New Moon. Feeling supported is imperative for you this month. 



Taking a time out may be required now, Taurus. Thinking about dreams and what you value in life is important as we head into a Full Moon in Aries on the 5th. It enters your 12th house which gives you opportunity to relax. Meditating and reflecting would be a nice place to start now. Jupiter enters your relationship house on the 11th, which means you have a whole year of expansive opportunities in intimate relationships. People will now begin coming into your life full steam ahead. This is really a bonus for you as it is a great place for Jupiter to be in. You may hear good news about work around the 18th. Opening yourself to new ways of communication is smart now. Sometimes we can get frustrated when we don't feel heard, however looking at how you get a point across is key now. New direction for health is around the corner, a small tweak makes a large improvement. 




Doors stay and swing open this month, Gemini. It is time to rise up to the new opportunities you've been handed. A sort of re birth occurs this month, you feel ready. It is an abundant month, mostly because Jupiter changes signs. Firstly, the Aries Full Moon falls in your 11th house. This means it might be time for new friends. Looking for new people to collaborate with is important for you. What visions do you have for your future? Do you have faith it will happen. Jupiter enters Scorpio and you are encouraged to learn. To extend. To create opportunities. People who are meant to help you along the journey appear now. You're very focused this month, and not interested in being distracted. The work you are doing serves as gratification. You are adding new services to your resume. The key to your month of success, is having your head down and not taking too much notice of what others say or do.



October is a bag of tricks, Cancer. You're lucky your sign is so perceptive and intuitive. New love is a key theme here and so is victory in a sense. As the month progresses it seems as though you are nursing a past hurt. However, with Jupiter changing signs to Scorpio your sister sign, you've got it a lot easier than some of the others. Your 10th house which has to do with career is accentuated. The Full Moon on the 5th triggers many emotions in regards to work. A culmination of sorts is upon you. Don't be afraid, it is a breath of fresh air regardless of how it unfolds. Jupiter can bring romance, so if that is what you're longing for, the 11th is when characters begin to appear. The 15th of the month means Venus joins Mercury. Family & home are important, doing something in a familiar space makes you feel comfortable. Renovations, painting, repairing are themes for the New Moon. You are reminded to bring joy and pleasure into your home. 



LEO - 

This month is sudden with prosperity and unions, Leo. Something you have been patiently waiting for arrives now and feelings are taken to the next level. Less is more for you now. We start the month with a Full Moon in Aries in your 9th house. It seems as though you have been studying something or someone. The Full Moon really brings a shift in career, support and travel. Jupiter enters your 4th house on the 11th, this is huge news as Jupiter changes signs once a year and remains until next September. Family, growth, and looking at past feelings are used for healing now. Money is also energized. It won't just fall into your lap but wonderful things are happening financially, because of your hard work over the last month. Communications and sharing information is helpful around the 18th as Mercury enters the 4th house too. The past is really accentuated and you are being asked to relive something that occurred in order to move on. 



Telling it like it is this October frees you, Virgo. The Full Moon on the 5th is about resources and other peoples’ money. Finances may need to be moved around in some way. The 8th house reflects the soul. It is a good time for writing, studying, and learning. Venus and Mars are both in Virgo and they enter your 1st house. It is a message that speaks of NEW love, passion, and physical attraction. Pluto is also in the mix and it likes to stir the pot. Power struggles, guilt, or manipulation come up on par with the new love and lust you've got going on. Your energy is high and you're in demand by those around you. You go out and get things done. Internally you feel calm. You have huge potential in your life for passionate love. On the 18th, Mercury joins and listening to those around you promotes interesting reactions in you. You are looking for an alternative approach to helping someone close to you. The New Moon on the 20th awakens an old talent and lets you be playful with it.