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Madame Vuckovic's November '16 Foretellings

Madame Vuckovic's November '16 Foretellings

Scorpio's Pluto Antonella Castelli









A lot of the beauty in the world lies in the tiny details, the details that many of us often fail to notice. November opens up our eyes. It is the beauty of Scorpio after all. Mysterious, yet all-seeing. In November, we welcome the Full moon in Taurus on the 14th. In general, this is a time of adjusting, cooperating, and working together to achieve our goals. The New moon in Sagittarius on the 29th brings forward a need to let go. Know that you are already loved, you are seen & recognized. As the year comes to a close, know that the universe has your back!


SCORPIO - Color of the month; Crimson

A harmonious birthday month awaits, Scorpio! A period of growth & intimacy is yours for the taking. Mars is moving into your sign after the 10th. Beware of wearing yourself down through repeated tense situations. You expect a lot from yourself, and may need to watch for perfectionist tendencies. This can be a good period to get a new job, or be offered several new job opportunities. From the 14th your passion is as strong as your control. You’re happier in relationships of all kinds, and the people that you meet tend to be good for you. Your passion is at its annual peak and your vitality will improve with the full moon! Enjoy yourself..


SAGITTARIUS - Color of the month; Lavender

You are naturally quick & witty, throughout November you really get to exercise your best self. You’re about to spend more time & energy on things that bring you fulfillment. After all the birthday month is soon to begin. In many ways Sagittarius are the most independent people of the year, you must feel free to act on your impulses and intuition. Continue relying on your feelings for the rest of the year. A money situation changes radically towards the end of November 2016. Think positive, and it will work out OK. Spiritual healing is on its way with the New Moon in your very own sign.


CAPRICORN - Color of the month; Navy

November is a very good month mentally as you are very creative, Capricorn. You have tremendous diligence and dedication, which enables you to stick to the path you've set without being sidetracked. Around the 29th you start some digging into your deeply-held issues, and come to terms with issues from your past. A Cap's playful attitudes and scathing wit show's their ability to put things in perspective. Don't take things too personally this month. New relationships can take an unexpected turn with you learning something surprising from the 11th.


AQUARIUS - Color of the month; Cyan

Early on in the month until the 11th, the Sun (ruler of your relationships) & Mercury (ruler of your house of eroticism) – are in strong positions, so you’re the one in charge. This month you work well with others. Try to show your deeply human qualities that sometimes get hidden along with your true emotion. This month you arouse impulse, intuition and openness. You feel truly yourself. November is usually a time for Aqua's to feel optimistic and light-hearted. Rose coloured glasses, anyone? Regardless, professional success comes easily after the 20th.


PISCES - Color of the month; Mint

A certain elegance and grace are evident in most things you do, Pisces. This month, highlights those strong attributes and helps you bring them into your business sphere. All year you have learnt the art of release. You can see the big picture now, and because of this, you’re a lot less stressed over the smaller things that come up. Something to look forward to in November is Venus, the exaltation planet of your sign, having a direct (positive!) influence on your life. Expect your love life to be balanced in a way it hasn't all year. You will breath a sigh of relief and it will feel damn good!


ARIES - Color of the month; Ivory

As the year comes to a close, you enjoy being at home now more than in the past, & enjoy spending time with your family. During the first ten days of the month you should try to define priorities at work. From the 14th you are focused on your value system. What works? What no longer feels right? Make adjustments to your life that are more in line with your values. After the full moon, you are highly sensual and indulgent. This moon is giving Aries the chance to reap the rewards of the battles you have faced during the past four months. Sometimes, its important to throw caution to the wind!


TAURUS - Color of the month; Gold

For Taurus, November is about strengthening the inner foundation, the very basic part of you that you build yourself on. Bringing more stability into your life through this type of focus is essential as we wind down another year. Love life is a huge priority with the Sun in your House of Couples, until the 22nd. You expect a lot this month. However, you are also more encouraging and supportive of your nearest & dearest. You have been pushing yourself toward a serious goal all year, you may finally achieve it now. It won't seem as difficult as you'd imagined. The beauty of life, eh?


GEMINI - Color of the month; Coral

Gemini's, whatever this month brings, you will want to be around people who share similar hopes & dreams. When you think of the future, you tend to have a more confident attitude. A sense of hopefulness is the theme for November. Work dynamics are high on the agenda. You will need to increase your concentration and focus on priorities. From the 17th onwards, you are more open to embracing uniqueness in every which way. Try to help others as you may sense the world needs more charity now. It's true, do your bit and you'll reap the rewards.


CANCER - Color of the month; Silver

Your moods raise and you feel optimistic about everything in life, Cancer. Just be careful not to overdo it. You will have to work in synergy this month with what is going on behind the scenes. Things might not be crystal clear, but clarity will eventually come. Its important to take the time and step back, see things from a wider perspective. Energy levels are high mid month. Cancers can be very future orientated when dealing with business. Be progressive with technology and new ways of thinking from the 7th. The New Moon is a good time to begin something new, meet new people, and pursue an unconventional way of making money.


LEO - Color of the month; Red

An opportunity could be presented to you in the following days, Leo. You are about to expand your life in some way and experience a feeling of  'new'. Social life is wildly intensified this month, especially after the 22nd. You may be doing things differently than you thought you would be, and you have to adjust to that. Be cautious in your communication with those nearest and dearest. Make sure you truly think before speaking. Your imagination is active, and you’re drawn to fantasy later in the month. Try to keep things in perspective, a much calmer time is indeed on it's way.


VIRGO - Color of the month; Chocolate

As a Virgo you hate making things about you. You would rather focus on someone else. November pushes you toward first place. Mars, promoter of desires & attention, has been in Virgo since the middle of Oct and will remain until Dec 7th. So, you have a few angels in your corner. A good time to undergo a transformation of some kind, although haven't you all year? More communications from the past keep cropping up, you are able to articulate your thoughts and ideas well this time. Serious subjects surrounding finances, business and taxes come up after the 16th.


LIBRA - Color of the month; Khaki

Libra, you want to express yourself in some way, and let the world see you this month. You can be more sociable now until the 29th. You want to meet someone who spikes your fancy. This is a time where you can expand your life in some way, and have plenty of opportunities  to do so. Libra's have tremendous support from those around them this month. However, its important you learn to stand on your own two feet. You enjoy working and are much more productive and efficient than in the past. Business is calling, big decisions need to be confirmed from the 14th, now is not the time to shy away from responsibilities.