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Madame Vuckovic's November '17 Foretellings

  • Mona Moore

Scorpio's Pluto

It is a precarious time and we are on the brink of something. Something big. November has wonderful healing energy for all of us. Tremendous supportive vibes from the planets are felt throughout this month. We are blessed with a Full Moon on the 3rd/4th in Taurus, a beautifully emotional and romantic moon that can enhance and entice. However, keep in mind that being patient is favored, moving slow is still movement. November 18th/19th we have a New Moon in Scorpio. This moon is about being productive, responding accurately to threats and reading between the lines. One step at a time!



You're smiling as you enter birthday season, Scorpio. The last few weeks have you dizzy with a new sense of reassurance. You are reaching beyond your boundaries. This month Jupiter is expansive for you. This is so important as we enter the last months of the year. Huge opportunities present themselves in November. Don't fight the love you are being given. There’s a Full Moon on 4th in your relationship house. You're being scrutinized in those areas. 'Aha' moments about your patterns, behaviors, and reactions when dealing with someone are bountiful. Don't project your fears and insecurities onto others. Control is important to you, this month gives you an opportunity to make constructive changes. It can also bring a new relationship wrapped in a bow right to your door. Budgeting and spending also come up for revision around the 6th. Coming into a new age like this is about an appreciation of self. Love yourself and nurture yourself, do things for you that no one else can and savor it. You are a master of creating, so how you see yourself is how others see you. 


November is all about what’s happening behind the scenes, Sag. A huge focus on Scorpio energy this month, which for you means a shift of energy. The Full Moon falls in your 6th house, you have an opportunity to engage in business even more so. A change may be on the precipice - new job, change of position, or taking some time out. It is all powerfully positive. Service to others gives you a sense of fulfillment. Mercury joins Saturn and you're more focused. Something has caught your attention, perhaps it is time to zone in on loving yourself deeper. The past may come up around the 12th, and you could begin a healing process on an issue you've kept close to your chest. Mundane drops away, a new journey has begun. Something tells me it’s about time. A process of releasing has done you wonders. Keep with it.


The picture becomes clear this month, Capricorn. That is always your primary focus, clarity. Saturn enters your very own sign next month, so structure, organization and how you use your energy are all up for review. However, before we enter December, let’s talk about November. The Full Moon on the 4th is great for growing a product or service that you're passionate about. New ventures are given the green light and you focus your energy on what your true self wants. You have time throughout November to really connect. Internally and externally, but try and focus a little more on the inside. After all, it's what counts. As a Capricorn going by schedule can be very difficult to abolish - perhaps, now it’s time to go more with the flow. 2017 has seen a lot of growth and learning, it’s been relatively simple for you to progress. Dreams and wishes have been realized, don't stop now.


A golden time is upon you, Aquarius. You are feeling on top of the game and it is a welcome shift. The Full Moon falls in your 4th house which means that emotions are brought up about security, home, and family. You might be feeling extremely nostalgic and wanting to make positive changes. Assets, owning, and other external things are being highlighted.  With Saturn entering Capricorn soon, an unparalleled time of studying who you're attracted too is deeper felt and acknowledged. Questions come up now such as: what attracts you to certain individuals, what do you take and give in intimate relations? Some behaviors are up for review. Around the 12th, a harmonious time begins-  reaching out and shining your star onto the world is beautifully creative. Life purpose and career mingle together for the New Moon in your 10th house. 


When all is said and done, more is said than done. Or so, that's how the quote goes. Make sure this month, you heal your heart first Pisces. The Full Moon falls in your 3rd house, eyes on the prize. This means you will focus on networking, connections, new opportunities for work, deciding if you want to study. Something may be approved close to this full moon, a contract of sorts. You are deciding if you want to listen to what's being said around you. Read between the lines and trust the intuitive voice. You've had to make decisions recently in regards to career, a lucrative deal is being completed. Looking to the wider perspective, international views on things take you out of your every day routine. The New Moon on the 18th adds to this fresh energy. Chance encounters, special connections and tightly woven bonds are formed. You will feel thankful.  


A significant event takes place for you this month, Aries. Something you've been working on begins to grow. Increased income is highlighted as the Full Moon enters your 2nd house. How you spend time is up for revision. You look at value, time, and money. Cash will be a hot topic for you. The 6th of the month means you're focused with intention. A mortgage or loan comes through. Essentially it's a big money month, whether it’s coming in or going out. Mars is in your 7th house, so being more direct in your relationships is important and healthy now. If you have perhaps neglected someone, it’s a great time to go deeper now. A soul deep. Connecting with those who see you and hear you is what you should move closer too. An international individual may help you become more aware and you could be stunned by your similar interests. 


A calm month gives you a moment to breath, Taurus. You have a Full Moon in your very own sign. It enters your 1st house and shines a light on you. Taurus’ are always most productive in the morning. Re-evaluation on how you feel about yourself comes up. How you want to appear and how comfortable you feel in yourself is something you go back and forth on. Embracing is the word of the month, not just the good, but also the bad and ugly. On the 6th of the month your 8th house is activated as Mercury joins. A closure of sorts comes to a head. Structuring finances helps you get organized for the upcoming busy December period. You have a beautiful set of planets this month, they are renewing most of your relationships. A breath of fresh air in matters of the heart. Good feelings are being felt as long as you get in touch with your own needs. On the 18th, a hunger is awoken. 


The month opens up somewhat nostalgically as the Full Moon enters your 12th house. You are being asked to release something that may have burdened you, Gemini. You need to lift the weight off your own shoulders. The should haves, could haves, and would haves drop away now. You're in the right spot at the right time. Mercury moves into your 7th house on the 6th of the month. Business contracts and partnerships are favorable. Something is getting more serious. Harmony and peaceful relationships can be found in the work sphere now. You have learned from things that have gone on, and you're changing your reactions. Because of this new thought pattern you're expanding in a new direction. The New Moon on the 19th is good for new beginnings, especially related to health. Don't be so hard on yourself and especially try to keep negative chat out of your inner world. Whatever you choose to do, let it bring you joy.


A sense of deja vu occurs this month, Cancer. The Full Moon in Taurus is in your 11th house. Friendships, connections, and collaborations bring up emotions. You want to make some changes. A great time to look at who you socialize with and if you're evolving on a spiritual level around these individuals. The 6th is another date to look out for, purely for a completion. Focused energy lets you get things done one by one. You may hear back from a job interview and it will be a definite answer that lets you step into a new found freedom. The New Moon is fantastic for romance, being in Scorpio your sister sign, you get a huge advantage over other signs. A time for looking at creative activities and setting aside occasions for it, when you are happy Cancer, everyone around you soaks it up too. The 22nd is also a wonderful time to open your heart, it will give you a great sense of satisfaction. 

LEO - 

Good karma is coming your way, Leo. Your life purpose brings up emotions in you this month. Through this public recognition or promotion is within grasp from the 12th. However, so is getting in touch with your feelings. Taking action from a centered heart space can help you along your way. You may be getting a little more serious in a new attraction for someone, it’s as though you begin to take this individual more seriously. You're also imploding this month with creativity, the tide is changing and you want to voice some long held opinions. Create the change you wish to see. Mid month, feelings are enhanced that have to do with home. If you are feeling overwhelmed, streamline. Perhaps, you're going back to visit close family or some sort of reunion is on the cards. The 18th New Moon falls in your 4th house; moving country or state is possible now. Even a lengthy holiday may be embarked upon.


It is a month of action, Virgo. Good news swirls around you and you can breath a sigh of relief. Often Virgos get caught up in the details but with the Taurus Full Moon falling in your 9th house, you begin to see things from a different angle. Things in your life seem a lot easier, it could be that you've moved into a new mental space. Love is prominent throughout these early weeks. Mercury joins Saturn in your 4th house, that has to do with business and renovating. It can even include having a serious conversation with someone close to you that you have been putting off. You're a better listener than when the year first started, so networking is serendipitous now. The New Moon on the 18th also encourages you to refresh your thinking, as a sign that is ruled by Mercury, so often you're up in your head. You are constantly being assured by those around you that the relationships of your dreams are tangible.



Second chances are the flavor of the month, Libra. However, as it goes in all good stories, it will get intense before smoothing out. Hold onto that belief as some rougher patches come forward early on in the month. The Full Moon in Taurus is in your 8th house. So, security and internal feelings are up for questioning. Many Libras are drawing towards good business deals. You're looking for something substantial. A peacefulness from within is how you create your outside world. The reason for these deep thoughts is because the 8th house is quite ethereal. You've been given the ability to focus your mind and complete with satisfaction anything you put your heart and soul into. You may have been shown recently just how easy it is to make money. Especially if you're coming from the heart with what you do, the abundance is there. The New Moon on the 18th asks you to keep exploring hobbies and awakening talents that bring compensation.