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Madame Vuckovic's New Year '17 Foretellings

Madame Vuckovic's New Year '17 Foretellings

  • Mona Moore


Saturn, Capricorn's Planet

Dynamic. Surprising. Two words I instantly think of that beautifully describe what we are about to experience in January. The first full moon of the month is in Cancer on the 12th of January. We are pushed to focus on family and emotions. Later in the month, Aquarius brings forth bountiful perspective on the 27th with the new moon. In Chinese Astrology, the year of the Fire Rooster begins. In Numerology, a number One year.  The start of a new nine-year cycle brings a desire for new directions. Patience and hard work are virtues needed this year to create success, triumph and awakenings. 2017 is a year of self-improvement. Adventure. Turning points, challenges and competitions won. As we head down the untrodden path, keep at the forefront of heart & mind; When we let go of that which shadows us, we allow ourselves to live in the light. Step into the light and don't forget to bring your family & friends with you!! Blessings.


Capricorn ~

Happy Birthday, Capricorn! 2017 brings abundant new opportunity for you. Don’t be surprised if a few people from your past resurface throughout January. Especially around the Cancer moon. Take a philosophical approach and let bygones be bygones. Many of you are thinking about changing the homes or making changes in the house. Dates around the 11-15th are great for planning. Throughout the past year you may have put more focus on career and job advancement. During 2017 put aside doubts and take action on what you need to do. You are likely to have a chance to heal the past. January helps you discover depths of insight and compassion you never knew you possessed. You're the captain of the ship, raise the vibe!!!


Aquarius ~

For most Aquarius, 2016 was ALL change, change, change. Change that you might not have expected in your wildest dreams. It happened. And now, we're here.  Many of you could be in a very different place than you were at this time last year. Some new doors opened and others slammed shut. As an Aquarius you thrive on uncertainty. You are more resilient than ever as we step into the new. The Aquarius new moon is poignant for dreams. Something will come to you and it will evoke many touching memories. Dates surrounding the 20th -22nd are filled with love and beauty. Travel is highlighted, events related to foreign lands are very intwined in your horoscopes all year. Be ready, important decisions lie ahead.


Pisces ~

You have redefined yourself, Pisces. The past has well and truly been put to rest. Now, as you step out of your comfort zone know that 2017 will be a special year. It will be a favorable year for resolving questions related to home. You will know where you belong at years end. In January you are expected to have very intense differences of opinion with those close around you. This month you have charisma, things fall into your lap and it is a nice change. Set your sights on developing creative pursuits. Don't forget that a hobby can get you paid! The watery Cancer moon tugs at your emotions. You might be feeling a little unstable in love after the 18th but let it slip through the cracks, you'll be back on top in no time.


Aries ~

2017 will be a happy year for Aries, especially in relation to family & soul connections. January puts you back on the job in a major way. Events may require you to put out exceptional efforts to get something off the ground. Lucky for you, you do business with a casual ease & grace. Expect a few misunderstandings that may arise out of insincerity around the 11th.  This year you will be able to realize plans & expectations related to some sort of property you have investment in. A loving family event will be remembered throughout 2017. You give tenderly and it is welcomed.  A Leo or Sagittarius will be beneficial to you financially around the Aquarius New Moon, and potentially all year. Destiny and fated meetings are key themes for the year of Rooster.


Taurus ~

Taurus, a change which will alter the conditions of your life is coming. You will be in the position to rethink your relationships or adjust some of your plans and expectations. Subconscious thoughts can start spilling over. This is not necessarily negative, it can all be positive if you decide that’s how you'll look at it. With open eyes. Emotional and material benefits come to you this year through all types of intimate relationships. The Aquarius New moon has one major theme: love knows no limits. A Libra or Gemini will have a lot to do with this statement all year, not just January.  For most Taurus, an important event in your home during the year will be related to a man. Stay focused, you got this!


Gemini ~

A sigh of relief is the theme for 2017, Gemini. Love is balanced and this makes you more level headed than ever. January can be a little mixed, however. You very well could encounter the insincerity or selfishness of a close friend. This will make you rethink your relationship or adjust some of your hopes & dreams. The Aquarius new moon awakens you, being an air sign you can confuse what your heart truly wants with what your head wants you to do. From the 27th, you will see an old picture with bright new eyes and know what you must do. When Geminis are in search of inner peace, nature and fresh air are a vital necessity. Let yourself dream throughout January.  Engage your durability and don't hide your anxieties from those close to you.


Cancer ~

A magic vibe is on its way, Cancer. Especially, when blessed with a full moon in your very own sign so early on. January asks you to be cunning and use your wit. As a Cancer you are well known for your humor, you might need it to laugh off a situation that crops up after the 15th. Your ruling planet, the Moon from the 21st-25th is taking you outside of your comfort zone. This is healthy. Throughout the year take care of your own health. A change of lifestyle may be required. Not only in matters of diet and exercise but also spirituality.  All life is dependent upon how we see ourselves. How we see ourselves determines what we expect to receive. There will be an important person in your life either a Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo. Overall, before you is a year during which you will have a lot of happy emotions.


Leo ~

Prosperity. A noun that suits you Leos. You will be lucky enough to have a lot throughout the year. In January, focus on healing, both physically and spiritually. You may have been hard on yourself these past few months. By the 20th of January ambitions start to rise. 2017 is the year that things can change significantly in your work. They can be quite sudden and unexpected but not necessarily bad. To be honest, January is a tame month compared to what’s in store as the eclipse season begins in early February. Overall, 2017 will encourage and help plans and objectives related to your home. A whole lot of re-inventing yourself, experimenting with new things, superiors seeing you in favorable light and personal projects on the rise. 


Virgo ~

You are full of energy as January turns the corner, Virgo. Emotionally expect fire works! As the Cancer full moon approaches, don’t lose your mind and control in relationships, whether they’re personal, business or friendships. Many Virgos will experience an important, fateful change in life during 2017. This can start forming after Mercury retrograde ends on the 9th of January. For some this change will relate to family, or foreign travel. Focus on understanding that it is part of the beginning of a new more productive and successful period. As a Virgo, you might not be comfortable with flux. You are moving beyond all the resistance. By the Aquarius new moon you will find peace within, learning that this place within is the truth of us.


Libra ~

As the month commences, it is essential for Libras to set boundaries. You may have found yourself questioning your ideas lately, thank Mercury retrograde which is about to end on the 9th. January is all about consistency and common sense. Unexpected new opportunities arise from old ideas and plans around the 12th. Uranus has been in your relationship sector and Mars is set to join in February. This means you could be focusing more on your relationships, and you may feel restless, wanting to make changes without thinking things through. Mars is in your work sector throughout January, you may have a lot on your shoulders. Try to remember it takes more work to hold onto wrong ideas than if you were to simply let go and love.


Scorpio ~

With Mars & Neptune in your Love sector all January, you're feeling very special Scorpio. You're in search of a soul connection and the Cancer full moon might be a perfect date to find it. Around the 25th you might feel pinched for cash. This is likely as many of you will be taking on new work projects, new work ventures, or pursuing new employment. You will have plenty of energy for work, and your work ethic can be great. It's important to note that this year you will have difficult moments in regards to family. Unexpected situations will be introduced, which will maximize emotional stress. Regardless, you will get the chance to realize intimate family plans - if that is what you are hoping for. Let January highlight long-term thinking, seeing the big picture, and going with what you’re most enthusiastic about. 


Sagittarius ~

Luck in career and business are all around you Sagittarius! It is time to reap the rewards. Throughout the month, be smart and do your homework before you pursue anything new. Saturn enters your money sector this year, and its influence will last a couple of years. Putting in the hard yards now will only simplify circumstances come 2018. Mars is in your home and family sector for the month of January. You are more focused on your home and family. Use tact and generosity when dealing with loved ones, try to hear all sides of the story. This year you will benefit from becoming more comfortable outside of your comfort zone. This can benefit you greatly, as sometimes you shy away from new faces in your friendship circle. Look out for unexpected money throughout the year, you seem to stumble upon cash wherever you go.