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Madame Vuckovic's May '18 Foretellings

Taurus' Ruling Planet Venus Satellite Image


This month you're searching for freedom through movement. Many could be feeling electric, creative, and running with very little patience. May is a month to watch out for your dreams; they will be extremely vivid and perhaps even give some premonitions for the times ahead. Mercury enters Taurus on the 13th, you are thinking long and hard on something at this time. Don't take too long or it will be gone. There is much Taurean energy swirling about this month, as a New moon also falls in Taurus on the 15th of May. That same day Uranus enters Taurus too. With the fixed energy surrounding this moon, it can be fuelled by violent thoughts/behaviours. However, just when you think all is lost, the future remains. So, just as much as this Moon energy can be quite volatile, every now and then we catch glimpses of its beauty, grace, and thoughtfulness. I guess that's life. A Sagittarius Full moon closes the month off on the 29th. This moon will harness the power of influential friends, society, and the adjustments we are yet to make and things destined for us all specifically. Intimacy and improving, pursuing relationships is favoured this month. Many of us are yearning for a defining moment in our lives. Walking the line of your life, it is important to come pure, at peace, and ready to embrace fate.


Taurus, birthday Bull! It is high time now for you to understand the universe of which you are apart. Birthday energy this month is stimulating, exciting, and brilliant. First up, you have a positively delicious New Moon on the 15th in Taurus. This is significant as it is your only new moon of the year and it falls in your birthday month. You're travelling to new places and gaining a lot of support from Mars & Pluto. I suppose it can be seen as a birthday gift from the cosmic gods. The same day, Uranus enters Taurus making you quite stubborn. The spotlight is on you for the next 7 years, as Uranus transits for that time. It really is an extraordinary chapter. Life for each of us is a mere moment; be open to investing in yourself, in your development, and in those you love. Your courage towards a situation recently is to be applauded. You kept it together when others would have unravelled. Venus enters Cancer on the 19th and if you weren't sure about a past lover, it will be made extremely clear to you around this date, they are still in love with you. The Sagi Full Moon on the 29th, ends the month with a happy feel. A completion happens, and it centres around money. It is about shared resources, other people’s money, and tax. Cultivate healthy relationships around you and the rest of the year will feel healthy indeed.


Almost another trip around the sun for you dynamic Gems. A feeling of new is seeping into your life. However, before you dance in clarity, karma steps in to clean the plate. May is a month for healing, acknowledging, and understanding how you project onto others. Healing opens us to greater possibilities. This theme has a lot to do with the fact that your 12th house is accentuated. The 12th house rules karma and past life. It is a great time to focus on meditation, quietness, and spiritual outlet. You are feeling deeply philosophical and intuitive. You are a mental sign and being ruled by Mercury you're always thinking. On the 17th, Mars enters your 9th house. The energy behind the scenes is hyped up but affirmative. You're feeling like you need to move on from a relationship, pay attention to what you really desire. A business venture that you are involved with is very transformative and has much power behind it. Mercury is on the move this month and it comes back into your own sign on the 29th, followed by the Sagittarius full moon on the same day. Many will start to communicate easier, messages will come in all shapes and forms.


A different speed of life is coming, Cancer. All you have to do is catch up and be willing. Uranus has been disrupting you whilst in Aries for many years, but with the move into Taurus on the 15th, things start to flow easier. The New Moon also falls in Taurus on the 15th, so prosperity comes through by the way of business. Make sure you know what you want, because opportunities will be brought to you. This month feels easier and you recognise that. Venus enters Cancer on the 19th which favours greater self expression. It also favours healthy family relationships, so call up your sister/brother/nephew/grandma. People are drawn to you, so anything you may want in this time and believed to be impossible, gets a little easier to dominate. However, many of you know it's not all sunshine and lollipops, the first half of the year has been lonely and confusing to navigate in regards to relationships. Changes have come sweeping through for you and some of you still haven't gotten up and dusted yourself off. I sense that many of you rebelled recently too, from a business or a friend. Listen to your consciousness, you only want to move in a new direction if you really have too. It does get calmer as the month progresses with the Sagi Full moon on the 29th. People are on board, spiritual experiences are easier to come by, and you're more pragmatic.


You are yearning for greater freedom, Leo. The first step is honesty with yourself. This month a business colleague could be a source of stress. Be aware of it and be patient. You may be launching a new business, a new technology. If you are reaching out into that area, it will multiply and quickly. There is a lot of earth energy swirling about and as a fire sign, it is about financial empowerment. It starts with Uranus leaving Aries and entering Taurus on the 15th. Followed the same day by the New moon also in Taurus. It lights up your house of destiny, someone is offering you something to consider. Uranus is the disrupter of the cosmos, he comes to bring the unexpected. So, this is a great time to trust yourself and believe in your intuition. You work best on an instinctual level. The first half of May, something will come and shake your energy. It is something that you need and want, it is connected to the stagnant energy you've been carrying around. The number 6 is powerful for you this month, watch out how it comes through. Leos can manifest very well, the clearer you are on what you want, the quicker it can come into being.


May can shape up to be your favourite month of the year, Virgo. Things seem to only improve from here. This can be attributed to the fact that Uranus is changing signs into an Earth sign. As a mutable sign, you are flexible and adaptable. This is good because changes can move fast. So having Uranus move into Taurus on the 15th is significant for you. The same day the New Moon falls into Taurus, you are connecting with your higher self and bringing it out into the world. Venus then enters Cancer on the 19th, money opportunities are there for the picking. Connect and reach out, you don't like to feel a burden but if you have friends in high places, let them help. Many Virgo's have had a tough couple of years, this is now beginning to shift and will continue to do so through June. Many of you are teachers at heart, you work best when you communicate positively and let your logic drop a little. The month gets interesting on the 29th with a Sagittarius Full Moon. You are more efficient in this time, you value all forms of expression. Embrace whatever information comes forward and keep walking in the right direction.


We are constantly moving through cycles, Libra. This month you're searching inwards. Self esteem, courage, and how you view yourself are a big focus. A new business deal is on the cards early on in the month as you have Mars & Pluto swimming together in your 4th house. Taking your power back in family relationships is imperative now. Someone close to you may have asked more times than they gave. You are facing something major but with quiet inner strength you're much stronger than you believe. On the 14th Mercury enters your 8th house, followed by the major astrological event of Uranus entering Taurus after 7 long years in Aries. The same day 15/16th we have the Taurus New Moon which again is linked with emotions about self discovery. This is accentuated as Venus enters Cancer on the 19th, and instead of love this time it focuses on cash and how to make more of it. Travel comes with the territory when you're commanding the fort. Trust the moon's guidance on the 29th, with the Sagittarius Full Moon, give yourself room to explore.


With 6 months until your birthday, it’s time to think long & hard about what can be a reality this year and what cannot Scorpio. To be clear, a healthy and happy relationship most definitely is in reach, especially with your 7th house lit up. Many things are activated for you this month, a dynamic and strong relationship can be one of them. Many of you have been yearning for a specific love for some time. With Uranus entering Taurus and the New Moon on the 15th also in the same sign, it moves into your partnership zone for the next 7 years. This means that connection becomes the very central theme of your life, and it is very possible you get engaged, married and/or open your own business in these next years. With these beautiful possibilities at your doorstep, it’s important to understand that the 7th house reflects the 1st house which has everything to do with self, insecurities, and how you project onto others. When you get right with yourself, the whole world falls at your feet. A long distance love could be activated when Venus drops into Cancer on the 19th. You're attracted to different backgrounds and intellectual stimulations. Followed by the spontaneous energy of the Full Moon on the 29th in Sag, you could be feeling impulsive. Dive deep into your soul and let someone dive down with you.


You're always on the move Sag, guided by your curiosities and passions, things always work out the way they're meant too. The spotlight is on you a fair bit this month with the full moon, but before we get to that, let me tell you about the Taurean energy that steps forth from the 14th. Uranus enters Taurus leaving behind Aries, your sister fire sign. It falls into your 6th house, this rules routine. The daily mundane and perhaps the upheaval of it. Whatever you have set like clockwork is about to change. It could bring about emotional confusion, sometimes this can be good. However, the door has to close for another to open. That’s where you stand currently. The Taurus New Moon on the 15th finds you working with technology and encouraging a philosophical approach to business. The 19th means your 8th house is activated with thanks to Venus in Cancer. Deep, intense, magical experiences come around. They grab you by the throat and you experience something you haven't felt in a while. From mid May, you're all about emotional growth and cultivating a richer love life. Then on the 29th you have a Full Moon in your own sign, you feel inspired to invest in a relationship you kept casual. You begin to see the reality of everything and the clarity can be mesmerising.


Sometimes it’s important to throw the work ethic out the window and appreciate art, culture, and passion. I imagine you've read that sentence and thought 'what about the money'. Of course, for you this month, there is that too. With so much earth energy this month focuses on your 5th house which lights up personal pleasure. You're feeling inspired as the month opens and it makes confidence soar. Uranus moves into Taurus and the New Moon on the 15th also falls into Taurus, this embraces creative progress and pushes you to look at things from another angle. Moving on, romantic unions and business partnerships are the running theme in your head from the 19th when Venus enters your opposite sign, Cancer. You like to focus on long term goals and it is possible you're looking at a relationship in this same way, measuring it up and deciding its longevity. Love can really shift your attention to places your mind rarely wanders. If it feels nice, enjoy it. May helps to really define your priorities and structure yourself to support success. The Full Moon on the 29th, reminds you that you not only have to nourish your physical body and intellectual mind, but your spiritual soul. Brining all 3  into union softens and sweetens you, and that’s how we like you.


Even though you shy away from the mundane and despise the status quo, like all other people you need stability and structure. It helps you grow and flower. Taurean energy can be very grounding for you and it sets your 4th house on fire. It looks at subjects like security, comfort, and home. The energy is connected to the 'mother' and you may feel more maternal than ever. This year, you've been playing chess with life and moving things around so that you score. With Uranus and the New Moon falling in Taurus on the 15th, you feel connected to change. You're ready to flower wherever your roots are planted, but where do you wish to be put? You still have a few questions left unanswered. The only one who can help you is you. Your past doesn't define your future, if you know you screwed up and you want the end to be different, act! Venus comes through Cancer on the 19th bringing you love. You will embrace passion and any scenario could be fruitful for a new romance. Gemini season begins on the 20th and as your sister air sign, you regain confidence and feel playful. The Full Moon on the 29th connects you to immediate community. Being an active member and helping others electrifies your soul. Keep going.


For you, Pisces, things are never black and white. It could be the fact that your sign is associated with duality. You're always living in an opposing world, past & present, fantasy & reality, subjective & objective. It is ok if your heart feels differently every damn day. The taurean energy that is magnified this month with Uranus stepping in and the New moon in the earth sign activates your 3rd house. Community, friendship, and social enterprises are all magnified. Sometimes, you are so caught up dreaming your life away, you forget those tangible people who show up for you time & time again. The 3rd house also rules communication and self expression, which will become increasingly important as Uranus stays in Taurus for 7 years! Venus enters your sister sign of Cancer on the 19th forming a grand water trine, you’re magnetic Pisces. But hey, what’s new!? The Full Moon on the 29th in Sag exposes truths. Some you'd rather not face and they’re all to do with you. How do you hinder your own progress? Get down to the basics now, so that the end of the month doesn't feel so chaotic.


Your birthday may be over Aries, but the party doesn't have to stop. In this time however, home cooked dinners, close friends, and familiar surroundings bring you more joy than being in the spotlight. I suppose that’s what Taurus energy does. You will feel a shift early on this month as Uranus the planet of unexpectedness comes out of Aries and into Taurus. It’s all about the money baby for you, with your cash house lit up. Expect a pay out, bonus or just some good financial karma. The New Moon also falls in Taurus representing vitality and emotional connections. Venus is in Cancer on the 19th ending playful flirtations and asking some big questions like, is it real? You want stability in your partnerships and you demand exclusivity. Cancer is a domestic sign so home life is also accentuated, manage expectations and understand that others have lives out of your romantic bubble. If you feel stuck on the 29th, know that it’s not real, it’s the Sagittarius Full Moon playing tricks on you. Think how you can serve the community, your family and friends. You don't have to roam far to make a difference and be remembered.