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Madame Vuckovic's May '17 Foretellings

Madame Vuckovic's May '17 Foretellings

  • Mona Moore

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. This month, do not define yourself by thoughts and impulses. Instead, choose to focus on love and expression. With the Scorpio full moon approaching on the 10th, deep healing and transformation are at their climax.  Empower yourself, move yourself in new directions. Intuition and guidance from higher powers is strong and beautiful this month. Later on, we have a Gemini new moon on the 25th. Gemini plays many characters and this moon will teach us all that sometimes we have to wait for life to play out as it will before we can truly feel what is tangible for each and every one of us. Remember, not everything can be seen with outer eyes... Surrender to what comes. 


The brilliant birthday bull. It is your time to celebrate. Mercury is still retrograde until the 4th, so for the first few days communication is murky. Many bulls might need to reassess - make sure to complete business negotiations in the second week of May. From the 14th, things start to move quicker. The full moon on the 10th is all about relationships; something is very ready to blossom. The bonding of a relationship is highlighted for you, something is being sealed. May is a month of speaking your truth. With the new moon on the 25th money talks and good finances begin again. Take action in regards to harder work and taking initiative. You might have let the ball drop these past few weeks, time to pick it back up. Interestingly, from April 26th you might have felt the push forward, like you’re ready to ignite your dreams. By connecting more with your internal self you push the envelope. Keep pushing, Taurus. 


Almost birthday time, Gemini. Be patient. Mercury retrograde coming out on the 3rd might have you looking back and noticing communication was sticky these past few weeks. Things are about to get easier. You have a special time for meeting, connecting and growing with someone ahead of you. Many Gem's might be full of energy and deep feeling as the Scorpio full moon comes to culmination. Even feeling psychic, with powerful dreams coming through. There is a huge sense of feeling liberated this month. As the month progresses, a new moon in Gemini on the 25th gives you a sense of new direction. It could feel risky but it can work out well for you now. Throw caution to the wind. Use this Mars energy and feel the fear but do it anyway. Creative projects will be triggered from this new moon. 


Good fortune follows you, Cancer. It is a month to let go of old love. From the 11th you have a new perspective with work and a creative way to do things comes through. May is an important month to drop pretense and just go for it. The full moon on the 10th could bring new romance into your life, in fact the whole month is looking great for love. Career opportunities are ahead too. However, are you repeating similar patterns that derail you? Be black and white about self sabotage. Look at what gives you pleasure around the 15th. When you’re in that happy-go-lucky mood, you can turn on your charm much easier. From the 18th, you may be connecting with new people and new cultures around you. Dealing with groups of people seems to be highlighted as the month comes to a close.


Leos, this month hope returns, you’re more enthusiastic. It's as if you're awaking to a bigger horizon, you’re seeing the bigger picture. Not being so fussed about the minute details anymore is important at times. It lets you reach for a higher conciseness and implements lessons you’ve been taught. Travel is highlighted throughout May. A business opportunity of international flavor could come through just in time for the full moon. Anything to do with communication in the work place and speaking out in regards to changes you seek is important from the 17th. On the 25th a new moon is packed with activity. Friendships come into play, it's a good time to be social. Many lions may be thinking about dreams and wishes. Follow your own path, rewards will come.


You have plenty of opportunities this month to take the bull by the horns, Virgo. It may be time to explore deeper intimacy within relationships and take love to higher ground. You will be rewarded for hard work and constructive criticism from seniors will be positive. Avoid important business conversations, ones that may need you to sign papers, until the 7th. The longer you can wait, the better. May is a month for uncovering hidden truths. Facing fears can help you come to terms with how minuscule they truly are. Communication on the Scorpio full moon might showcase a feeling of loneliness, if this occurs make it your best interest to get out there and re-connect with friends. 


Adventure is feeding the soul, Libra. Love and money are high activity this month. An important event in regards to relationships culminates before the Scorpio full moon. Breakthroughs are happening all around you. This month, however there will be a sense of leaving something, re-assessing or re-committing. The 10th will shine a light on changes needed with money. Don’t resist changes that are opportunities in disguise, and be aware enough to notice them. How do you save money? How do you spend? With Jupiter in your sign, you are growing through all the experiences that are manifesting. Many Libras have had plenty of internal work with a focus on feeling loved and desired. Openly acknowledge the affection you are after and where it might not be happening as freely as you would like. These answers open doors.


Emotional renewal is the theme for May, Scorpio. Fated events begin and you have unlimited possibilities throughout the second half of 2017. The 6th house is highlighted which points in the direction of good news in the work arena. How you present yourself is again up for discussion. This in turn triggers relationship questions. Are you always trying to please someone else more than yourself in a relationship? The full moon really pushes you to look at intimacy, especially being in your own sign. Deep feeling is provoking. Stop validating what someone may be saying to you, look for actions. The 21st of the month is going to bring things out of the closet. This opportunity to get in touch with your own fears that you may be projecting onto others is really a stroke of luck.


You have a major focus this month on love and romance, Sagittarius. With North Node in Leo, karmic lessons and feelings of hope are focused on. You have the 5th house of pleasure in your zone, new beginnings in regards to business and romance really come into play. A real, tangible connection with somebody might surprise you. Finding satisfaction in everything and becoming aware of your environment is helpful this month. What might you like to have more of in life that is evading you? The full moon questions work/life balance. Something triggers you this month after the 15th and really shakes you up, in a good way. Information from dreams or meditation may be guiding you for the next steps of your life. 


You have great aspects for new inspiration and bringing a tangible product out into the world.  The full moon is happening in your 11th house, so friendships, social life and how you are connecting with others is important. Great abundance is on the other side of discomfort, you can create something new connected to your social life this month. Have faith and confidence in what is coming and what is yet to be. You may be in great flow in your work space. Balance and being productive is important to you. However, ask how you can bring out the child in you which in turn harnesses creativity. Free yourself from anxiety by taking a lighter approach, this way you free others around you who are trying to lift the mood. It will help move things along.


Beautiful new things are happening for you, Aquarius. Creatively you are on higher ground. The 3rd house is important this month as it assists with networking, connecting and thinking of surprising ideas. You are feeling renewed. Contract negotiations and documents needing signing make themselves known to you. Make sure you do so after the 5th when Mercury has stepped out of retrograde. The full moon is showing you where you’re not satisfied. Love reunions are super strong until the 20th of May. You could hear some good news and a soul mate relationship could really trigger deep thought. Coming alive in May is truly an opportunity for you, being blessed enough to wake up from intimidating and negative self talk is the best way to progress.


Unexpected feelings arise this month, Pisces. A next chapter is about to open up to you. Mars is prominent in your home & family sector, so expect more action in your personal life! New travel plans set themselves in stone and you’ve got hardly any time to catch your breath. You are the star this month as you step into brand new projects. Its important to focus on money manifestations around the 21st. May is inspiring in regard to finances, you have wonderful aspects for a financial surprise, an out of the blue experience. Stimulating yourself creatively will be ignited during the full moon, paint, draw or dance. Travel plans come to fruition around the 12th, encouraging you to go deeper and connect internationally. Relationships will benefit from your kind & compassionate spirit. 


High off the birthday love you've just received, you’re not in the mood to wait around for others, Aries. Past efforts are now paying back, big time. New karma is set as Leo enters the North Node. Love is a central element of this month, you may have a big decision to make. Whatever it may be, taking initiative and loving what you truly love will lead you in the right direction. Speaking your truth or writing it down is helpful as Mercury goes direct. Things start to pick up momentum after the 10th. Getting in touch with what you know to be true inside of you, linking emotions together to connect to a bigger picture is important this month. The 11th is a good time for short trips, travel and seeing things from a new perspective. The new moon will help you come up with a bright idea at months end.