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Madame Vuckovic's March '17 Foretellings

Madame Vuckovic's March '17 Foretellings










As we hit the tail end of two major eclipses, we are looking right into the eyes of intense energy pulsating ripe with potential for each and every one of us. How we choose to mold this is individually ours. The Law of Ritual comes into play as March opens up. When you focus on intent, the power of your mind intensifies and you give permission for great manifestation. You give permission to your guides to help you through in beautiful and mysterious ways. Full Moons tend to be emotionally charged, and on the 12th a Virgo moon balances out heart & mind. However, it is not enough to anchor us. With such heavy Pisces influence swirling about it’s hard to know what water you're swimming in. That's where the New Moon comes in, the 28th sees an Aries moon packed with integrity and action. Listen to your inner direction, after all it is the best compass you've got.


Pisces ~

Everything in your world is your own reflection looking back at you. In the last few weeks, certain notions have been carved into stone. Notions such as true happiness only ever coming from within, never from anything outside of you. The thought alone can overwhelm you, Pisces. Shapeshifting moments are plentiful in March, you can be even more slippery than usual, even harder to catch. It's an excellent time to draw a line under the trials and tribulations of past years. Start fresh by defining your self worth, dreams and goals for 2017. You feel at home in your birthday month, the Virgo full moon shows you just how far you've come. Take care of your health around the 20th - 22nd. Focus on diet, it is crucial to your health. March ends on a high note, keep pouring love into fear based thoughts. 


Aries ~

You might feel like hanging back to see what emerges this month, Aries. March is gearing up to be an interesting one. Life may have seemed like something of a detour these past few months, possibly observing more than you've been doing. The past eclipses may have brought twists and turns into your life being a fire sign. Perhaps, sitting on the side line has been healthy in order to fully recognize what has to change. As we head into a New moon at month’s end in your own sign, it’s important to turn your direction inward to the tune of your heart. You have luck on your side with Mars and Venus treating you kindly, but everything must be in moderation from the 11th.


Taurus ~

Do your best this month not to get overwhelmed by your own thoughts and feelings, Taurus. New events have taken place in your life recently and at this point in time, anything could happen. Clear vision of the outcomes you want is what it’s all about. It is how progress is made. Allow your self to be moved by the changes around you. The Aries moon pushes you to remember it is the heart that does the talking. From the 15th intense emotional encounters and self analysis can lead to unexpected transformations. Let the ways of the universe heal you and don't forget that everything comes back around eventually.


Gemini ~

Frantic timing of sorts has been the theme for most of last month, good thing you're at home in chaos. A new chapter is about to begin and you can truly feel it. Experiences and feelings towards certain people are different, as if you're feeling things for the first time. It might be time to speak up about a matter you've tried to sweep under the rug though, Gemini. If this is true for you, use your heart as much as you can when opening up about this. It holds huge significance to stay centered in your heart while speaking your truth. Around the time of the Virgo full moon, you might have to be careful of gossip. Pay no mind to it and ease into communications with new acquaintances. 


Cancer ~

You're focused this month on life goals, dreams and the overall direction you’re heading in, Cancer. It has been some time since you've given yourself the luxury to really look into these things. The past eclipse in Pisces may have impacted you in particular, mainly because you are ruled by the Moon. Events that have taken place since the beginning of the year might not make much sense as the month opens. It is hard to gather which way the wind is blowing you. If you remain in strength and gather as much clarity as you can, you will come out on top. Accept everything with gratitude and prepare yourself for next year's eclipses in your sign that will transform everything. 


Leo ~

A radical shift in perception has taken place in you, Leo. Growth is stretching you to fit new molds. Major transformations in business and regarding cash flow are on their way around the 12th. With the solar eclipse behind you now, you are making connections and seeing things clearly for the first time in a while. Liberate yourself from old, harmful thoughts and actions. This is the first in a series of eclipses that Leos will experience until 2018. You are ready to let greater love into your life. Family, home and intimate connections take the front seat throughout March. Enjoy times of quiet after the Virgo full moon. Eclipses in a fire sign usually bring forth a disturbance of sorts, so awareness with how you express yourself will be a major theme in 2017 for you. 


Virgo ~

You're seeking balance in every day life and things seems more polarized than ever, Virgo. At times you may feel unacknowledged or misjudged throughout March. Again, it’s super important to note that you should put more acknowledgement toward a better work/life balance. New feelings bring you to uncharted territory and it can be a really nice feeling. From the 17th you might have appreciation for someone. A gift or other displays of love will bond you. With the full moon in your sign on the 12th, a spotlight could be shone on you and you will be perceived in a good way. Keep chipping away at whatever looks big & scary. Towards the end of the month, recognize authenticity in others, do not separate people and feelings from yourself.


Libra ~

You might feel the need to go inward this month, Libra. The urge to lay low is strong. Give yourself freedom to be a bit of a hermit. It’s really time to get out of your own mind and get creative. March aids personal growth. The dates surrounding the 29th force you to cherish the friends who are there for you and leave behind those that do not support you. You have the answers you're seeking, but every now and then it is good to listen to those who love you. 2017 is working with you to over come certain fears and help you climb to higher ground. Lastly, the 26th shines the light on your love relationships. You may be longing for intimacy and affection. If you have trouble finding the right person to indulge you, spend time with family instead.


Scorpio ~

Your time is coming, Scorpio. Be a little bit more patient with family this month.  Reputation and how people see you is a theme that has been building and may come to a climax around the 16th. Keep building the foundation for finances. Long term profits are coming into view now. Life has changed a lot in the past year, you've given up certain attachments and for the first time in a long time you are sensing improvement in your own psyche. Relationships will seem more intense now but in a positive way. You are gaining deeper mutual understanding with those around you. Self confidence heightens authority and that’s where you feel comfortable.


Sagittarius ~

You are coming into a hugely favorable time in your professional life, Sagittarius. If you decide to change jobs now, you'll still have lady luck on your side. And, that’s not all that will be favorable. Dates surrounding the 15th enter into a fated period where love features heavily. Things may feel rather cosmic, right place/right time energy. You get a chance to work on some karma and experiences are enriching for your soul. An old friend may appear with the Aries new moon. Explore a new area of an existing friendship and try to understand it's direction, sometimes when things change, they change for the better.


Capricorn ~

It's time to heal and transform, Capricorn. You can start by stopping your habit of doubting & over thinking. It causes too much pressure and adds a sharpness to you that's just not needed. You are romantically inclined this month and it is joyous, it helps you gain perspective on the positive things in your life.  We are learning that it is important to step back and not give meaning to everything we see. Stepping back and not giving meaning is the most valuable thing you can do right now. The Aries moon invites wonderful developments to your work world on the 26th and 27th. If you need to focus, best to focus on your finances and save for a rainy day.


Aquarius ~

The month ahead offers a turn around experience, one you've been looking for desperately. 

Being a fixed sign, the last Leo eclipse probably rocked your world in multiple ways. Perhaps, not necessarily good but definitely necessary for growth. Things will start to get better in your professional life when you relax the emotional upheaval you're going through in your intimate life. With the Virgo full moon nearing, consistency is key. Pay careful attention to those around you and how they reach out to you. You will have many friends around you in the coming weeks. They will be strong rocks for you in the coming weeks as a new chapter opens up.