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Madame Vuckovic's June '18 Foretellings



Everything in this world is a mirror. As spiritual beings having a human experience, feeling; is that still, small voice that tells us precisely what to do and when to do it. It is our window to nature, emotional intelligence and evolution. Everything is cyclical; and before I delve into June, I would like to let you know that we are gearing up for a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July the 13th. You could say a lot is going on. But, lets keep it relevant and talk about THE NOW. A Grand Water Trine opens the month of June, it is delightful, sparkling and beautiful. All those good things. Following the 13th of June a New Moon falls in Gemini. It is about being 'in person', looking at people in the eye and being present. When we meet together in the flesh and blood, miracles happen. The 27/28th bring us a Capricorn Full Moon. Deeper understanding lights up our 5 senses. This energy will be powerful. Mars also turns retrograde this month, the very next day actually, it is so important to be present with action & intention. In the face of stripping down, breaking out and climbing over boundaries, lots of unexpected things occur. It is also time for me to say good bye to my incredible Mona Moore readers as I embark on a personal journey for my very own website. Thank you all, watch this space ~ !!!!



It's your month Gemini! Happy Birthday. You are restless this month and for good reason. As we enter June, we will see a Grand Water Trine with Mercury, Jupiter and Venus sparkling on the 1st and 2nd. You are all about negotiating what you want, your heart and head want to work together as one. People around you are hyper sensitive this month so be careful you say what you intend too. Mercury in Gemini can see both sides of a situation. He knows that there is a risk in speaking his mind, but he also doesn’t care. This is the duality of your sign, people love it and people hate it. Mercury's desire to communicate what is in his heart trumps anything else, and although Gemini's like to things through, you also love to come together in intimacy any way possible. The Gemini New Moon on the 13th gets you feeling a little influenced. You have fortunate stars here though, so I feel it will lead you somewhere dynamic. The 23rd is about upgrading money thinking. You are getting new information and opinions are formed. Everything is within grasp, but it comes with self love. The month ends on the 28th with a Capricorn Full Moon. Saturn is coupled with this moon so it will be intense. Don't get overwhelmed and don't let aggression enter your realm, you're so much bigger and better than you can even fathom. Let it shine!



With your birthday in reach, its important to underline that on the 27th Mars goes retrograde. Energy and action is shifted. All month we have a Grand Water trine, its beautiful for anything romantic, for travelling internationally and looking into that inner compass. As a Cancer sign, you are ruled by the moon. Miraculous things happen when you let go and enjoy the flow of things. I have to say there is a lot of smooth sailing for you this month in regards to communication. The New Moon in Gemini on the 13th falls in your 12th house, you retreat back into your shell. It's not a bad thing to do, and you do enjoy time alone but be aware not to push people back. Bonus or pay rise might happen around the 22nd, as the Sun enters Cancer. The 28th with the Capricorn Full Moon underlines relationships. How you relate to others is in focus, meetings, endings, renewals of sorts are on the cards. Don't let tempers fray, keep it cool and it will all fall how it should. 


LEO - 

Allow yourself time out, Leo. Mars turns retrograde on the 27th for the next couple of months. Things start to feel different. Jupiter in your 4th and Neptune in your 8th is highlighted by the Grand Water trine. Family, trust and friendships are major themes. You hear good news about someones income, perhaps a family member is happy to help you financially. It comes as a warm welcome. You are being pushed to trust your gut instincts. You're being extremely selective in June. You're feeling driven and you want to show the most authentic side of you to those close. On the 13th the New Moon falls in your 11th house, many Leo's will meet someone who spikes their interest. Venus enters Leo the very next day and love & popularity is what you're all about for the next few weeks. The 28th opens you to a Capricorn Full Moon which is pretty dynamic, take a breath as tempers are likely to be short. You are going forwards, not backwards, let your attitude show that. 



This whole month feels new Virgo. You are reminded to have fun, to see things with fresh eyes. June starts of with gorgeous Grand Water trine on the 1/2nd of June. Energy and action are affected, especially in your 3rd and 7th house. You are allowing yourself to meet people, and it is so important to trust where you're being led. You will be amazed at what can happen when you let these encounters take place. On the 13th Mercury joins Venus and friendships are on the upswing. The New Moon in Gemini falls into your 10th house and you are busy with a project. You're looking at a new direction. It will pay off, so see it through. On the 27th of the month, Mars turns retrograde. Be careful not to rush, you will be busy. Mars hates to go backwards and so do you. Trusting in the divine timing of life is something you will have to start believing as you're about to be shown, that for everything there is a space and a time. 



All month the Grand Water trine between Jupiter and Venus  fall in your money and wealth houses. Its about going with what your body needs.  Great financial news come around the 3/4th of June. The 13th, Mercury joins Venus in your 10th house. It is a great time for harmony in communications in both physical and spiritual terms. The New Moon in Gemini on the same day means travel is near. You are feeling renewed and although you're learning new things, Many of you may also be teaching. Friendships and social circles come together when you need them and a friend can become a lover quite quickly. The 22nd means the sun comes into your 10th house, again career news are in the mix. It is super positive, but it is about time. Mars retrograde has everything to do with energy and how you take action, now is not the time to initiate. The 28th Full Moon is about the 'winds of change', where you live and how you live is about to transform. Be diplomatic but stand your ground.



The month begins with a Grand Water trine swirling around your 5th house on the 1/2nd of June. Being a water sign, synchronisties take place and something new has tremendous power. You are bringing into existence something you haven't had before and you can feel it lingering in what you do. Joint finances or new business partnerships are highlighted. Delving into anything unseen is imperative now, understand that not all things are black and white. You are popular this month especially when Mercury and the Sun join in your 9th house on the 27th. You are looking for more meaning and focusing yourself on new elements in business life. Mars who is your Co-ruler, will be retrograde form the 27/28th of the month. If you want to try something new and put out a product to the universe, it will take well. You must initiate to get the results you want. Don't be shy. 



It is a busy month cosmically speaking, action is favoured above all else. Your ruler Jupiter is all about trusting intuition and opening up, he works in beautiful and mysterious ways early on in the month with the Grand Water trine around the 1/2nd of June. You are being invested in and someone wants to give you a gift. A gift of love, patience and friendship perhaps. The 13th New Moon in Gemini is all about rejuvenation and a new relationship makes it way into your life. You are craving something tangible, but something true. Venus enters your 9th house, travel and planning is on the agenda. You are internationally minded, opportunities for you are so real. The Full Moon on the 28th falls in your money house. Don't over extend yourself. Something will come to fruition and you are abundant. If you have to say it to yourself every day to believe it, you should start. Beginning to realise that you have everything you could ever need, right here, right now is imperative for you to begin the next chapter.



Some wonderful, magical encounters take place as June opens. This is because all month we have a Grand Water trine, activating your friendship houses. You want to be adventurous and you desire excitement. The 13th of the month means Mercury enters your 7th house. Romance is the key word. The 13th also brings a New Moon in your 6th house. Work is accentuated now. A financial situation is a great way to become more intimate with someone. On the 22nd of the month, the Sun enters your 7th house. Again, relationships are HUGE! The next week on the 28th, the Full Moon falls in Capricorn. Yes, the spotlight is on you. You are looking at what is being asked of you in your one on one communications. How you act and react in relationships is major. Saturn is in Capricorn where it is extremely happy. You may be bumping into the walls of fate quite often. July's coming eclipse falls in your marriage house; so all sorts of love topics may be popping up for you but more on that next month.




Trust that everything is going the way it should, Aquarius. Mars is a huge topic this month as it will turn retrograde in your own sign on the 27/28th. How do you initiate action in your daily life? Saturn continues its journey this month for you, be in nature and meditate, real synchronisties occur when you are of service to the universe. Mercury joins Venus in your 6th house, its a very good time for communications, contracts and regular dealings. Say what you feel. Learn something new from the truths inside you. The New Moon falls in your 5th house, romance is good as Gemini is your sister sign. Don't forget the humour of life. Venus then comes into your 7th house and brings more peace in existing relationships around the 14th. You feel looked after. With Mars thrown in the mix, especially turning retrograde its all about how you use energy and lessons on anger will be aplenty. Looking at how you respond to anything is the answer to everything. 



The terrific Grand Water trine means your 1st and 9th house are lit up like a fire cracker, Pisces. It is about creativity/business and how you spiritually align the two. Logic goes out the door as it usually does with you. The 13th New Moon falls in your 4th house which rules family. Emotions stabilise after weeks/months of overwhelm. If something is coming to an end don't be shy to close the door on it. The 14th means Venus enters the 6th, promotions come up. Venus loves sweet things and it makes you even more likeable. In June, Saturn entered your 1st house for a brand new cycle, Pisces often feel carefree and experimental in this phase of the year. Things tend to work themselves out as if someone is doing the hard work for you. Events that occur this month feel destined in a way. Mars turns retrograde from the 27th of this month a long with the Capricorn Full Moon. Something is renewed and you connect with someone far different than normal. The feeling of being alive is a high for you. You seek those moments where life is raw and real, June accentuates these moments for you. 



An interesting month for you Aries, as your ruler Mars is retrograde from the 27/28th. Tempers can be stretched at this time. Take a deep breath before you knee jerk reply. Re- evaluating is the flavour of June. It not all bad, to be honest its very positive with a glorious Water Trine all month long. It is wonderful for your creativity. You enjoy being intuitive but can push it away when logic and reason rear their head in. Mercury coming into your 4th house joins Venus,  communications and peace are powerful. Again, understanding that knowledge in the form of trust and intuitive understanding is just as important as logical thinking. Your 5th house is also here this month, so romance and sex are highlighted. Business goes well with the 5th house. You feel like your heart is lifted. Saturn in your career zone doing the most for your career. Be willing to learn from past mistakes, it is the only way to go forward. The Full Moon in Capricorn means a project comes to an end, you are being called to a new direction. Signals from the cosmos are guiding you, many of you will breath a sigh of relief. 




It has been a wild ride for you as Uranus entered your sign last month. You feel changed. All month the Grand Water trine guides you, Taurus. Your 7th and 11th houses are happy. You feel peaceful and harmonious. I think many Taurean's are about to encounter a very serendipitous event. Teaching, writing and negotiations are well aspected. The 13th New Moon falls in your 2nd house, again new beginnings financially are opening. A new source of income may be linked to a new talent you're starting to explore. The 14th means Venus enters your 4th house, home and family are missed. You should call your mum. Aesthetically speaking you're adding stuff to your home and it makes you feel good. The connections your are making with people are powerful. It delves further on the Full Moon late in the month, being in Capricorn, your sister sign, you feel stable. It is generally a very tense time, especially with Mars turning retrograde the next day. Put some space between you and your responses. Give yourself the time to acknowledge how you feel and what you have to say.