Madame Vuckovic's June '17 Foretellings


Some big things are a-cookin’. Confucius once said "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it". Let that be present in your mind as June surrounds in the coming weeks. A healing Sagittarius full moon drops in on the 9th, as a collective we are emotionally repairing and getting ready to make proper adjustments. Later in the month, Cancer comes to sooth with a new moon on the 24th. Make plans, share ideas. There is huge proactive energy this month. With so many planets going direct, we will feel a tremendous charge forward. The time is always NOW. But it's an ever changing NOW. Keep that in mind as you move towards your dreams. 


GEMINI - The dualistic twin, doors open for you this month. Jupiter awakens a creative area and you feel at peace as you enter a new age. Keeping things light is in the forefront of your mind right now. Anything that has been stuck moves forward. Mercury changes signs twice, this means you should take a risk and go for it. Geminis will be extremely busy this month and it suits you well. You’re being asked to be proactive, don’t just wait for it fall out of the sky. Mars is here, cheering for you bringing you all the action. Speak your truth, free yourself from past convictions. On the 9th the full moon shines a light on your relationships. The 24th new moon brings new beginnings financially. Towards the end of the month, it is a good time for negotiations and collaborations. Your money houses are activated. You have a tendency to be in your head too much, this month endeavor to be lighter. The odds are in your favor. 


CANCER - For most Cancers this month continues with intense love/lust on the cards. Taking risks will equal new opportunity. A cardinal cross is happening and as a cardinal sign, you have new energy all around you enticing many beginnings. Mars in your own sign opens up passion and excitement especially around the 15th. Many different directions are coming at you, take the time to prioritize. You don't have to want it all. It feels like a familiar month, a friend may become a lover. The full moon on the 9th shines a light on workplace. Are you working on projects that speak to your soul? Health issues need resolving, and you may find new solutions are possible. The 24th new moon in your sign, means it is a great time to make over - physically or mentally. Feelings are being triggered, trust your magical intuition. 


LEO - Your luck is changing Leo, you are feeling empowered. It is imperative to take time to be alone, you're trying to figure things out, and not seeking others’ advice is actually very helpful. Exciting business opportunities mid-month bring lasting partnerships. Someone you may work with over & over again is coming into your life. New contracts are being signed. The planets are moving forward this month, so many new possibilities open themselves to you. This month you should focus on your inner world, reflect on another birthday coming up, and how you express things. Expression of creativity is starting to become underlined. There’s a lot of growth internally, you’re almost activating another side to you. The Cardinal Cross peaking on the 7th is impacting health and how to take better care of yourself. Meditative energy is good for new insights now.


VIRGO - A turning point is occurring as we step into the middle of the year. The next six months are about to get easier on you, Virgo. You have Jupiter awakening income and profits, money always makes you happy. Mars comes into your 11th house which rules wishes and dreams. Questions such as  'what do you want for yourself' crop up now. You can't seem to push them down, so be honest with yourself. Around the 11th associating with community groups, seeking out social opportunities and connecting on a deeper level with those around you is enjoyable  The full moon is asking you to make some constructive changes. Then the new moon in Cancer is all about new beginnings and enriching your family life. Being around people who inspire you is key. The soon-to-arrive Solstice will bless you with new energy to heal, just wait on it.


LIBRA -  A month for taking action and a stroke of luck is forecasted for June, Libra. The Sun in Gemini (your sister sign) brings what you love & value to the agenda. A personal part of you is initiated. It feels like you haven't delved into that for a while. Moving forward seems to be a big focus. A cardinal cross peaking on the 7th impacts you as you are a cardinal sign. You gain new perception and may feel pulled in two directions. It could be imperative now for you to look deeper into a subject, taking time to explore what you see. The full moon on the 9th, brings about difficult communications or clearing the air with someone close to you. You never enjoy confrontation but this could be a long time coming. Also with Jupiter in Libra, an uplifting energy gives you an opportunity to look back on what you’ve learned since February. Evaluation of what more you want to accomplish is a smart way to get ahead. 


SCORPIO - Deep manifestations take place, Scorpio. You are rejuvenated and passionate this month. Jupiter awakens your 12th house, so taking the initiative and going ahead with whatever new horizons you may have been thinking of is important now. A new romance around the 7th, could make you feel more nurturing. Listening to others and resolving issues that may have come up in May is taking place in your social circle. Be aware of finances concerning other people, research before applying yourself to new jobs, and be thoughtful in community circles. Certain spending habits are highlighted. There will be rapid movement from the 22nd rolling towards the Cancer new moon. Education and publishing are asking you to be in the driver’s seat. Teaching others connects to healing yourself. 


SAGITTARIUS - You’re awoken in June, Sagittarius. Proactive action has taken place recently, things begin to move much easier. A boost forward in regards to personal business, taking charge and connecting with new people are the flavors of the month. Banks, taxes and debts are easily resolved. Someone may be putting in a “good word” for you around the 13th. Enjoyment through yoga and walks in nature mean you’ll be aligning yourself.  Throughout the month you will be agreeing to new business. Signing contracts and making money - refreshing and renewing an on going relationship is really important. The full moon in your own sign makes the 9th all about you. How you want to be seen is an extremely important topic now. Things begin to move faster on the 22nd. Go deeper into something or someone and don’t loose patience. 


CAPRICORN - This month some soul searching envelops you, the answers to your problems lie in your relationship with yourself. For most Capricorns, huge business opportunities are about, especially with Jupiter awakening your career department. Big inspirations in the 5th house mean romance or a financial bonus. A loving month where you can bring more joy into your life. Being productive can only get you so far, you have to love and admire what you’re working towards. Keeping things light and seeking out greater joy should be your focus now. It’s a great time for signing contracts. Also, superb time for looking into your physical health, aligning energy by dealing with some skeletons in the closet. Free yourself from past issues that are holding you back. Things will continue moving forward on the 22nd. Prioritize so you’re not in over your head.


AQUARIUS - Prime partnerships get the go ahead this June, Aquarius.  Clearing all debts becomes integral when Mars enters your 6th house. It is better to work alone as Mars likes to be in charge, if you have to collaborate be selective and I mean in all areas of life. Independent ideas make for a more productive you. Don’t sit back and allow things to arrive, instead seek out what you’re wanting. Ask the big questions -what nourishes you, what kind of people inspire you? The Full Moon is in your 11th house, friendships and interactions with other people show you where you’re not satisfied. All month you will be searching for other avenues in which connection is possible. You could very well have felt quite lonely or isolated throughout May. Something new is being triggered this month, tread graciously. 


PISCES - Time to open your eyes, in regards to expansion of love & friendship. Are you moving forward, Pisces? Mars in the 5th house boosts creativity and new interests. Working independently or consulting highlights growth. Great communications go ahead, it’s almost as if life is being easy on you. Your home area is imperative this month, buying, selling or leasing. The full moon in Sagittarius is connected to your career and is highlighted with reputation. Something comes to fruition and it feels good to finally see expansion. This could be your lucky month in regards to romance. Take action with baby steps and do more each day, being productive makes you feel useful. A shift in energy is coming so move fast and don’t procrastinate. Keep an eye on emails, phone calls - someone important is trying to get in touch.


ARIES - Breaking free in June will have a lasting impact on you now, Aries. It is about to set a unique momentum for the next 6 months. This month is all about a sense of forward movement, which will make your heart very happy. Good news in regards to finances with Venus in the 2nd house. The full moon around the 10th will give you a sense of deep fulfillment. You may have felt recently that something was too demanding and relationships have been too much. It has perplexed you and perhaps you've thought about the chains that bind. It’s important for you to not get caught up in emotions now and to know when to walk away from low vibration energies. Even though it may not be so obvious as the month begins, the universe is on your side. Tune yourself to the finer details and you will recognize what is right here, always.


TAURUS - As you come down to earth from a major birthday month, Venus enters your sign and brings with it plenty of romance opportunities. If you've been thinking it’s time for a physical/spiritual make over,then you were right. Getting things in order regarding finances is important as the Sun enters your 3rd house, Taurus. A great time to begin a course and connect with subjects you’d like to know more about. You have more brain power this month, you feel studious and curious. It is a nice distraction from every day life. Around the 17th, there are decisions to be made but don’t rush it. You’ll find yourself healing as the new moon in Cancer occurs. Progression is the name of the game. An authoritative energy is coming to bring balance. Things that are already in play are coming your way now.

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