Madame Vuckovic's July '17 Foretellings

As a collective, we are standing on the precipice of greatness. Now is the time to practice your inner smile and quiet the mind. A motivating grand Cardinal Cross is coming into play. I think it's important to forewarn that it brings some hostile energy. Proceed deliberately and cautiously until the 25th. If you make an error or do something you are not proud of do not waste one second feeling bad about it. Just pick yourself up and do your best. The 8/9th of July delivers a Capricorn Full Moon. This Full Moon could be described as heavy, but that is where healing begins. The crazy vibes do not end there, a Leo New Moon on the 23rd is playful, dramatic and moody. Coupled with the fact that there will be a second Leo Solar Eclipse in August, you won't be able to restrain this erratic energy so express your crazy, creative, or sexy side. Awareness of this manic energy can instead lead to inventive and creative breakthroughs and a relit personal life. It's up to you to tear up the rules and have some fun. 


CANCER -  The ships are coming into harbor Cancer, and the spotlight is on you. A powerful month as the Cardinal Cross comes into action. Being a cardinal sign, this affects you profoundly. It is birthday (party!) time and thoughts and feelings are being emphasized. The 4th and 10th houses are activated. You are looking for better balance within family/work environments. Venus enters your 12th house, so this could potentially bring back a past lover or past emotion. Being in nature and near water is imperative this month. Healing happens when Venus is in the 12th for you. Avoid impatience and watch your temper, especially around your birthday night. Energy should be bountiful as Mercury keeps you busy. A new project is initiated, the Full Moon will be grounding for that. You could be feeling left out in the cold by a Taurus. Something secretive needs to come forward in a relationship, and you will need to initiate major changes if you intend on keeping a certain someone close by.


LEO - Take a leap of faith this month, Leo. Somewhat of a bumpy ride ahead. With the Cardinal Cross activated, you could be feeling pulled in many different directions. Reflection will be abundant as your birthday draws closer. Trying to attain a sense of peacefulness is very important, especially in the first half of the month. Stay out of drama and don't create it, Leo! Definitely, someone from your past is trying to make their way back into your life. Mercury is in your 1st house; a great time to study yourself. Perhaps most of you will be making some changes in appearance, or in communication style. This month promises to bring lots of laughter. As a fire sign, you tend to get impatient but with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars coming into your sign around the 20-23rd, a big wish is coming true in an extravagant way. 


VIRGO -  Your luck is changing this month, Virgo. A lot of hope and inspiration are coming into certain areas of your life, such as creativity and friendship. On the 5th, Venus enters your 10th house - public image and career are highlighted. Someone is noticing you in the work place, this in turn may make you notice them. A storm is brewing and it is allowing you to move forward. Put some energy into friendships. The Full Moon in Capricorn wants to lighten the mood. It brings playfulness. You begin to make more of an effort after the 10th for hobbies and personal business. With your birthday month coming up and the intense energy of the eclipses starting to sink in, observing and chewing into other realms will be important. Writing down your dreams and how they relate to your practical life will be beneficial as August will be madness for everyone, but especially for those Virgos born in the first week. 


LIBRA -  Being a Cardinal sign, like Aries, Cancer and Capricorn your self growth is activated this month. Being flexible, spontaneous and open to change is imperative. The volume is turned up in your life as July begins and you are seeking balance. The 5th of the month is great for travel and exploring. There may be increased income and huge focus on career. You seem to be improving in a field that is close to your heart. You don't feel like compromising, and would rather work alone. You are looking for a second chance in regards to romance. An Aquarius or Virgo may have left you hanging and you are not healing. You may have been left waiting for this person. You need to open up and get back on the horse in regards to intimacy. June could have been a bit tricky, someone may have been sneaking around behind your back - things begin to go in your favor when the moon enters Leo .


SCORPIO - Dealing with your thoughts, thinking patterns, and how they might be disrupting you plays a role in July. Your 8th house early on in the month means someone wants to support you or you may hear good financial news. A relationship increases its intimacy. It could go from 0-100 and it is a delightful feeling. The Full Moon is asking you to declutter and clear out the cobwebs. Asking yourself the hard questions like, who has a place in your life that may be undeserving? At night, remember to correct yourself with intentions, you are worthy of love. With the Eclipse season upon us there will be many more changes ahead. Don't get hyper focused on only one feeling/emotion especially as we have a few planets in Cancer early on in the month. Being a water sign, you could not be seeing the bigger picture. Wait it out, until you're absolutely sure.  


SAGITTARIUS - Magic is around you this month, Sagittarius. Pleasant surprises you didn't count on appear, but then hasn't that been the theme throughout the year. Trying to find balance, within social and work life will be an ongoing battle. If you hold onto the flame that was ignited toward the end of June, you will have what you want sometime soon. It is a big month for love from the 5th onwards. Especially reigniting past relationships or one that may have lost its sweetness. It is also time to offer a service you do creatively to the world. There is no reason why, if you put your heart & soul into it, you can't make money of it too. The Full Moon assists that and encourages you. You begin to explore options. This is a month of figuring out what works for you and sticking with it, if it’s not serving you, it is not serving you!


CAPRICORN - Self empowerment pays off this month, Capricorn. With a Full Moon in your sign on the 9th you may be ready for commitment. Coupled with the fact that you're a Cardinal sign and will be witnessing the Cardinal Cross energy of this month, things are set to electrify. You will be affected personally. Home life/work life balance is accentuated, then again when isn't it with you? Which one are you spending more valuable time at? Does it promote a happy, calm feeling ? You are being stretched in all directions. It is important for you to feel productive, but taking time to rest and relax is what gives abundance. Many of you are flying forward in regards to romance. Some serious changes may be ahead in regards to business. Investments and loans are an important part of this month for you. On the 21st, Mars meets Mercury in the 8th house. Learning to trust somebody and perhaps going deeper is essential as the month comes to a close.


AQUARIUS - It's time to play, Aquarius. The 6th of the month, Venus enters your 5th house, so if you're looking for romance this month you have the opportunity for loads of pleasure. Creative prospects get a good juicing. Seeing the lightness of life makes you happy and it’s a great time for a chat. Mercury moves into your opposite sign early on in the month. You are objective and even though conversations are occurring, you're articulate in your beliefs. It is attractive to those around you. Narrow your focus this month as Mars is in the 6th house. Watch out for your health/vitality. It is easy trying to rationalize as an Aquarius, but feeling the motion is what it comes down to. Since 2016 you may have gone through a real psychological strip down, you begin to see yourself more how others perceive you. You feel nimble, it may be hard to sit still on the Full Moon. Don't scatter your energy.


PISCES - A healing, powerful month puts you in prime position for creating. With the Sun in Cancer, you have an advantage over other signs. It's easy for you to breath under water.  Neptune is in retrograde for you, it brings a softness to most Pisces. What makes you feel most like yourself? Go to it. June could have left you a little unsure of who to trust. You feel a little guarded. July spins that on its head. Your money houses are activated as the month begins. Venus enters your 4th house, good news in regards to family is heard. You feel like focusing on pleasure and love, which rarely leaves your priority list. Someone may be waiting for you or wanting to return to you. Think twice if you are to allow this. Keep your eye on the prize. Many Pisces have a new dream that they have been nursing for the past couple of weeks. A light has been turned on and in return others are turned on by you. 


ARIES - You're bringing the truth this month, Aries. As a Cardinal sign you will feel hugely impacted by the Cardinal Cross. An epic emotional journey is ahead. Higher ideals/beliefs direct you home. You may have cut communication with someone from your past, potentially a Capricorn/Leo. It's a good month for cutting out all bad behavior. Keep in mind it could be your own bad behavior, in particular a pattern you have identified and haven't done anything about. You are hoping to open up to someone, a preparation of sorts is manifesting around you. Those close to you may not be ready or reliable in July. Some of you could be saying the wrong things. You are trying to reach a compromise with someone who may not be an honest individual. Keep that in mind. You could have gone through this energy with this very same person over and over again. If this holds weight, be done once and for all.


TAURUS - Michael A. Singer once said "There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind - you are the one who hears it.” Let this quote sink in and be reminded as the month progresses. Taurus, try not to over do it in certain areas of your life and focus on doing one thing really well. This month a window of opportunity blossoms, especially after the 5th when Venus enters your money house. You could receive unexpected results on something you worked hard on in June, perhaps a relationship, a creative pursuit, or a new friendship. Being aware of the emotions you are feeling is imperative this Capricorn Moon, is it an upward or downward pull. The 21st ignites a consciousness you've been longing for. Allow someone to hear what you have to say. 


GEMINI - Something amazing is brewing, Gemini. The first part of July could be a little weird. You are seeing everything with rose colored glasses. Venus enters Gemini on the 4th which means people are taking notice. Moving away from harsh realities can be a pleasant divergence for you, just make sure they have some authenticity. People love to be around you this month. Many Gems could be forgiving someone this month and the Full Moon on the 9th shows you could potentially be moving out of a relationship. Allow the universe to move you forward. Whatever needs to change is already changing. Don't get caught up in power struggles especially in regards to finances. Mars enters Leo on the 20th and with the Leo New Moon brewing not soon after, you're stimulated and dynamic. Conversations happen and there is very positive energy circulating.

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