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Madame Vuckovic's February '18 Foretellings



Uranus Aquarius Ruling Planet

As we find ourselves in a new month rejoicing in all things Aquarian, it feels only right to first navigate the New Moon on the 15/16th that falls in the sign of Aquarius, coincidently it is also a Solar Eclipse. This eclipse expands consciousness, extends itself to community and pulls up our socks. Lately, we've felt the paradigm shifting. Topics such as gender norms, sexuality, expectations, and stereotypes are all being discussed. Movements such as women's rights are human rights have never been more important to show up for. That is why it seems fitting that this New Moon has a strong fixation on communication, sharing ideas, and commitment to our beliefs. Aquarius is a master of living its truth authentically. January was a rare month with two Full Moons appearing and February hosts all planets in direct motion until early March. It bodes the theme of 'Everything in its right place at exactly the right time'.


I very much resonated with a quote I recently read on, it seems to be the essence of Aquarius’ free spirit and I felt it would be nice to share."This is our birthright and our call to freedom and the big picture is that we are awakening and coming together in unprecedented numbers to use our voices and wield our power to defend and protect our rights and our beautiful planet."


Happy birthday, daring Aquarius! Breaking down barriers, that's what February is for. Stop, see, and listen. Beauty is reviled in stillness. Someone quirky & new is being introduced to you. You started the month reeling from the Lunar Eclipse in Leo in your first house which put a little pressure on your relationships, some of you may have finished a relationship. What no longer serves is healthy to move from. Although a little sad naturally, you're creating space for someone new. Having three planets in your first house makes you popular and pushes you to embark on the journey of self discovery. On the 11th of the month, Venus enters Pisces; spending is big this month so watch that. The 18th Mercury enters your second house, huge focus on this house from mid month. Your natural abilities and talents are awaiting recognition. Focus on bringing out what you love to do. The major highlight is the eclipse in your own sign on the 16th. Surprising news is brought to you because Uranus is sextile. Something is brought to light. Don't get caught up in other peoples’ stories. This month is all about you. Get to the bottom of what truly lies in your heart.


With your birthday right around the corner, fish have a dynamic month ahead. Venus enters Pisces on the 10th, this makes you more attractive, people are drawn to you naturally. Pisces’ ruling planet Neptune is incredibly strong this month. You have a lucky streak with Neptune backing you. Lifestyle habits are being closely looked at especially at the Aquarius eclipse. What’s going on behind the scenes and with the sun sextile to Uranus and Scorpio in Jupiter? Definitely be careful you say what you mean as it is a time of misconstrued communications. Finishing up with unfinished business is really highlighted. Someone may be trying to manipulate you to get on top of a situation, a fire sign most likely. Keep your eyes and ears open, Pisces. You are entering a new cycle and with the New Moon in Pisces coming up in March, all the planets are direct and there is huge momentum building. Empowering visions create good feelings and this is all within grasp.


You begin this month in a haze over the eclipse on January 31st in your 5th house, Aries. You have been showing an authentic side of yourself and you feel playful as February swings in. It is an inspiring month and business is growing. Business-building in Eclipse season activates things quicker than usual. You get a boost in your 11th house this month and some friendships may drop off. Over the past years you have geared up for different types of interactions. Many Aries dreams & wishes are being revised. Remember, everything is connected. Venus enters the sky on the 11th of the month, a healing of sorts takes place and it could be with someone from the past. The Aquarius Solar eclipse on the 16th brings an opportunity to get your energy in line. Great time for voicing opinions and writing/publishing. Luck seems to favour you this month, as Mars your ruling planet, is in Sagittarius, your sister sign. Look ahead now and think about where you want to be in a year’s time.


Your 4th house was triggered in late January, Taurus. Things may have felt tight with family, something came close to the edge. Now it is time to focus on career and the contributions you make to outer life. The 10th house is activated for you this month and it’s really all about destiny. Someone special who you have an unbelievable connection with is coming closer and a date to look out for is the 11th. With the Aquarius solar eclipse on the 16th, if you're looking for a change in speed, you're liable to manifest it. It’s about looking globally, not just where you're standing now. Social networking and really locating your 'tribe' is of essence now. You want to be around others that share, you want to feel connected to the source. Keeping yourself engaged is key to growing. With your ruling planet, Venus, in Pisces this month, it is an incredibly exciting time for intimacy. With a lot of direct energy around us, make sure you're seeing things clearly before jumping into the deep end.


Communication was big in January especially with the 31st Lunar Eclipse in your sister sign of Aquarius. You were supported throughout the month but somewhere along the journey you may have had a little hiccup. If you're feeling like you took 2 steps forward and 3 steps back know that you're in a better place than you believe to be, Gemini. You are bound to feel restless from time to time, do something just for fun and laugh to decompress. With your third house still lit up from January, you have great time to connect with people and enhance your social standing. The way out of hard times is becoming more conscious of yourself and your purpose in this world. From the 16th, really giving yourself time to envision what you want to create is imperative. New jobs are circulating so if you're in the market for one, show up and it's yours. In February we have many planets direct, this is giving you the space to try something new.


Water features heavily this month in your chart, Cancer. Late January saw your second house light up. Finances could have been a little scary. If spending/saving was shaken up, investing now and supporting yourself by doing the right thing is favoured. Resources are available to you as your eighth house is activated early February. Intimacy and trust are up for discussion, it's up to you to broaden your perspective. The Solar eclipse is in a personal part of your chart. From the 16th you feel a deepening of spirituality. You sense things have their time & place. You're inspired to venture out of normality. You may be left in charge in regards to business this month, if someone has committed to you or owes you a sum of money make sure they keep their end of the bargain. It's important to warn that past love features heavily throughout this month. If something of the sort manifests for you, be sure this is what your heart desires truly.


An important month for you as your sign is a massive part of the ongoing Eclipse season, Leo. In February however, something is finishing. You have had many realisations recently and you can feel something brewing. The Leo Lunar eclipse on the 31st of January fell in your first house and this month a Solar eclipse appears in Leo's 7th house of relationships. A lot of water energy is swirling, so know that if you feel spaced out and a little overly emotional it's quite normal. With Venus and the Sun working for you, a new lover could be brought to you.   Looking at trust issues that you're holding onto could be the key to success. Money may be owed to you, seek it out. The Aquarius eclipse on the 16th hits and readies for relationship reboots. You have been in a massive time of change in regards to intimacy. You have many wonderful opportunities to turn up honestly in this part of your life right now. On the 19th make sure you're doing what’s right for you and let others do their own thing.


Virgos have great magnetism this month. Karmic relationships are highlighted as Mercury enters Pisces on the 17th. A deep friendship is recognised and it may be a new development or an extension of an old one. You see something with clear eyes. Your 12th house was activated late last month, it instigated some confusing inward feelings, perhaps meditation and alone time came from it. Your physical well being is up for review with Mercury in your chart this month. Diet, exercise, spring cleaning are themes that help you feel more productive. A wonderful opportunity is given to you when many planets are in your 7th house. Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are in harmonious flow with you. With support like this you may be decreasing certain judgements you've held on to. Love is on this month, and when Neptune merges you may be experiencing love at first sight in a BIG way! It will be a mutual attraction so if that’s what you're looking for, enjoy every moment.


Relationships last month had multiple opportunities to deepen, Libra. It makes sense that this develops throughout February. With all the planets direct until March, you have to express your purpose to transcend to another level of life. Something comes to fruition, this is increased when Venus goes into the sixth house on the 11th of the month. You attract what you want with ease and someone from the workplace may be trying to engage with you. The Solar eclipse on the 15/16th heralds new beginnings, Aquarius energy works perfectly with Libra. On the 18th Mercury enters the sixth house too, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to look at contributing. You are generous by nature, so networking and collaborating flows easily for you. The vibe this month is quite watery, so boundaries are dissolved and communications can be hazy. Venus merges with Neptune on the 21st and this can bring about a lot of romance or a lot of confusion depending on where you're at.


If you want to go east, don't start out walking west, Scorpio. Your career was highlighted throughout January. You may have questioned business alliances, pay cheques, and overall standing in a company. February is for the home, nesting, and engaging with your intimate environment. The Solar eclipse triggers this on the 15/16th. Aquarius energy breaks things up and this can be relieving. However, before that on the 11th Venus joins Neptune in your fifth house, so love is most definitely on the brain. Something close by is very profitable, you just need to keep your eyes peeled. A soul connection is expressed and it is up to you to accept the offer. It is however, super important not to overextend yourself and not over do emotion. Letting things come and go naturally can be hard to grasp for Scorpios, the universe is supporting you; be satisfied in that. The 28th is a great day to ask for a promotion. Whatever you set into motion this month comes to fruition in August.


If you continue taking calculated risks you may just win the race, Sagittarius. The primary focus this month revolves around your third/fourth houses. The foundations of the third/fourth rotate around family and work. Mars is in Sagittarius all month, you feel energised and awake. You are empowered and focused which is a great thing to have this month as there is a lot of Pisces energy swirling. You could have had some tricky family issues these past few months and if a kindred spirit came onto the scene, believe me when I say this is the start of something new. Networking is imperative from the 19th, it helps you show off your natural talents. You feel compassionate throughout the Aquarius Solar eclipse. It can be hard to know which way to go, just stay focused on the future. The next step. It will all work out, give it the chance. Life is meant to be lived and each day, each relationship, every experience is inspired for discovering the truth of life.


Growth and discovery are sometimes masked as hurdles, Capricorn. This month we have a Solar eclipse in your 2nd house which has everything do with finances. Money, assets, and bonuses are highlighted. On the 11th Venus joins Neptune and anything creative is absorbed greatly. The 12th can be a hot day for you. Don't be solely focused on career, imbalance can occur this way. You network with great ease and interesting people are drawn to you. Empathise on an intimate level and listen to what is being voiced. The second house on the 16th lights up 'me, myself and I.' It draws out a playful side and you may be taken back to a past enjoyment. Mercury enters your third house on the 19th. You're empowered to make bold moves. Inheritance, royalties, and other people’s money are witnessed. This is your year Capricorn and the momentum will keep building. The price of success is usually more: more to do, more to spend, and more to say. A new skill is developed and you awake to it this month. Things are happening fast and it is exciting.