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Madame Vuckovic's February '17 Foretellings

Madame Vuckovic's February '17 Foretellings











February is eclipse month. Eclipses mean the universe is about to turbo charge our lives in a BIG way. We often muse, there must be more. Essentially, it is all so simple. Simplicity, however, can be the very epitome of difficulty. Our seeking always leads back to the self. February keeps pushing the envelope of authenticity. Are you walking towards your dreams? Are you being true to you? Trust that everything you need will arrive at the right time. Early on in the month, on February 11th, we have a Lunar eclipse Moon in dramatic Leo. It opens up our feelings and urges us to be courageous. The 26th brings a Solar eclipse in Pisces. A Moon aided so strongly by spiritual Neptune almost always forms good fortune and auspicious events for all human kind. 


Aquarius ~

Another year around the sun. Another year to begin any adventure your heart desires... and oh, it desires. Although Aquas can typically be cool and detached, this month is strongly associated with group dynamics, community, and intimate union. Let things manifest organically after the Lunar eclipse. Flexibility is a skill you're yet to acquire when it comes to chance encounters. There is no need to rush; there will be time to do what must be done. The Pisces Full moon could stir up love, romance and one on one time. You may feel like jumping in the deep end in regard to feelings. Process them first before you blurt them out. In the work sphere, things may begin to change dramatically. You receive information about certain projects, multiple outcomes are possible now. Be wise. Choose growth. 


Pisces ~

As you swim towards another birthday, your intuition is so active that you seem to be getting insights out of air. February is great for any mental work that requires originality and cleverness. The 4th sees Venus in your 2nd house of money. A lovely, little financial surprise pops up. The Lunar eclipse brings major changes to your workplace. It is a superb time to network and connect with others. Brainstorming ways to take your craft to a wider audience is also highlighted. You have a special talent the world needs to see! From the 19th, sleep can be disturbed, release your stress. Finally, the Solar eclipse in your own sign turbo charges your love life at month's end. 


Aries ~

February is a month of renewal, Aries. From the 8th, Mercury steps into your 10th house, you are charming and popular. Your social circle and the people you spend time with becomes a major theme. Relationships that have been challenging get easier.  There is also a Lunar eclipse in your love sector on the 11th, an intimate relationship could end or a culmination of sorts may begin. Get moving with big projects this month. 2017 is about taking advantage of financial opportunities, and working seriously on your financial plans. If you do things right, you can reach new levels of success. You have been working so hard these last few years, now is the chance to integrate it seamlessly. 


Taurus ~

A month of metamorphosis, Taurus. You will feel liberated as you begin to make 'long-time coming' changes. On the 4th, your 12th house which rules release is highlighted. Go inwards. Look at your internal world. Be peaceful. What is holding you back? Past lovers may come back this month. The Lunar eclipse can bring an end to some issues with your home or family, and you could walk away from unhealthy relationships or strengthen intimate ones. Is it time for a change in career? Some serious communications are in order. The end of February sees you contributing to a wider community, listening to friends and putting your problems in the back seat for the time being.


Gemini ~

A month filled with huge opportunity comes knocking, Gemini. With Venus in the 11th house along with Mars and Uranus, you will be doing plenty of networking. New friends and new love are on the horizon, make sure you don't doubt yourself or your presence. Many Geminis are planning international travel. This could be closely associated with study and new skills that can help you grow. Despite a lack of clear direction, you become more secure about changes you can make that will make you happier. You get an extra boost from the Solar eclipse in your career sector, and you may want to take full advantage of any opportunities you have early on. From the 18th you continue to reach high points in intimacy & friendship, it feels good to see progress.


Cancer ~

Cancer, this month you are looking for something new. Rapid change is possible now, especially with Venus and Mars so close together. Keep focused on what you’re doing no matter what. Be cautious of making quick decisions. The 8th of the month shines a light on money.  Mars in your career sector puts major focus and emphasis on your goals. When it comes to money, the lunar eclipse occurs in your cash sector. Use it to eliminate bad financial habits. This Lunar eclipse helps regain confidence. You're loved, remember this. The Solar eclipse could have you caught off guard. Pisces, a water sign like you can really help crabs harness their inner most feelings. Ride the wave.


Leo ~

An important eclipse month, Leo. February is a time for learning new things. You may be in a new situation. On the 8th of the month, Mercury is coming to clear the air. Personal, romantic relationships can flourish at this time. The Lunar eclipse in your sign makes you extremely emotional for the next two weeks. The Eclipse will shine a light on whatever you aren't enjoying. Don’t be surprised if you burst into tears at the drop of a hat. This is the year to make vast changes, if that is what you seek. New beginnings are highlighted. Go deeply into anything psychological, meditation can be helpful at this time. Somehow things are making more sense, whether this new insight is shocking or familiar. Trust the journey, even if you don’t understand it.


Virgo ~

While you may feel a bit uncertain about what to do at the moment, your best bet is to stay open-minded. If you can be fluid, you'll adapt to what is necessary. Mars moves into your intimacy sector for February, you can find the right words to say, and you can open up intimately. The Lunar eclipse occurs in the sector ruling your subconscious mind, this can help with letting go of some old baggage. Inner work is important now. You will soon have a clear indication of what needs your attention. It’s all about confronting real issues. On the 19th, the sun enters your house of relationships- the Solar eclipse will bring new relationships into the existing picture. A magnetic pull is about to be felt!


Libra ~

February could bring a sudden change of direction or decision. Unexpected news is likely to change your mind, Libra. With Mars in your relationship sector February through early March, you can experience some major changes in your relationships. You will begin to feel a little restless, and the way this manifests is all up to you. The Solar eclipse occurs in your work sector, you have plenty of new work opportunities. It is important to create moments for yourself, ramp up the energy levels. A surprise encounter around the 15th, could be very energizing. Stay open to a new kind of energy in relationships. The eclipse season can be intense for air signs. Be gentle with yourself during this period of soul-searching – you’ll be stronger for it afterwards.


Scorpio ~

For most Scorpios, February is a time to show the universe that you're on the same page. That you're here, that you're ready. A lunar eclipse occurs in your career sector and can be an excellent time for rewards, if you've worked hard. If you haven’t been doing things right, you can experience a setback or delay. From the 19th, the Solar eclipse can begin to influence your love life. It is a great time for meeting someone new. Quite often, when a new relationship is before you, you can become lost in the potential of the projected outcome. Try to harness the presence of now. A change in environment around the 20th brings your communication issues to the forefront for self-evaluation. Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others. 


Sagittarius ~

Unity. Commitment. Intimacy. That is February in a nut shell. Mars enters your love sector, with Uranus still in there too, you can make changes in your love relationships, and perhaps gain more independence from them. Improvements on home life run smoothly this month too. This is because you have the Solar eclipse in your home & family sector. Being close with loved ones is rejuvenating at this time, an epiphany on what you hold close comes to you now. With such emphasis on relationships this month it's important to cultivate compassion and listen fully to your partner.  Do not be afraid to speak from your heart. Business calls around the 17th, focus on communication. You will be heard as you speak truth.


Capricorn ~

Capricorn, a surprising self-assessment comes out of nowhere in the early days of February. You see yourself with fresh eyes, it is invigorating, even a little unreal. A Lunar eclipse occurs in your intimacy sector on the 11th, and this can be a good time to be honest about personal 'close to the heart' subjects. You might be ready to take an existing relationship to another level, in this case the universe very much supports you. If in any situation however, you do not know which way to go, it is a sign to disengage. Be authentic, go to your truth. Later in the month, a Solar eclipse in Pisces occurs, and you can have new ideas that you’re pushing. Pursue anything that excites you in this time. Over all, this month is a time to be enthusiastic about life and what is ahead.